On Sep 25, 2005, at 3:27 PM, Boris Unckel wrote:
- the "J"ava."U"til."L"ogging "I"mplementation does _not_
implement the API as described in JSR-47 or implemented as in J2E 1.4+. It
just adds features to the existing API.

Do you see why we might be confused?  But we can worry about the naming later.

Do you have  a Contributor's License Agreement
(http://www.apache.org/licenses) on  file?
If I understand the question right: No, I did not sign an agreement on paper
and send it to the Apache Foundation. I will do this if needed.

It will be necessary before anything can be done with the code and in this case, likely a Software Grant Agreement would need to be executed and potentially a Corporate Contributor License Agreement depending on your employment situation.

Do you think that the code would need to go through the Incubator 

Yes. As I understand the process, one has to provide several things,
but one has not to provide all that tasks at once.
Hopefully some people will help me to success working on the checklists.
As I stated - I am looking for a "sandbox" (like Jakarta Commons), you
call it "incubator". By the way - what is the difference?

Incubator is the mechanism that non-ASF code is brought into ASF.  If you are IBM and want to donate a database (Derby) or a SourceForge project (log4net, log4cxx) that wants to move to ASF, you must go through the incubation process to make sure that the transfer of intellectual property rights is legally defendable and that a healthy community is formed.

A sandbox is an area for Apache developers to experiment.  The code is ASF code (due to our CLA's and our intentionally committing of the code to the Apache SVN) from the beginning and does not need the legal review necessary for an incubated project.  Sandbox efforts may or may not result in a viable long term product. 

Is JULI an acronym?  If so, what is the full name?

Java Util Logging Implementation. The name was invented on the log4j-dev
mailing list in march/april 2005. Please do not fix me on the date, I have
to look this up.

Changing "Implementation" to "Integration" might preserve the acronym while bringing it closer to what the code does.