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From "Boris Unckel" <boris.unckel....@gmx.net>
Subject [juli] Request for subproject JULI based on initial version
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2005 14:43:00 GMT

after following the discussion about enterprise logging, static binding of
log wrapper APIs and the first version of JULI by Remy Maucherat,
in the first quarter of 2005 I decided to build something between. Creating
a new logging API will fail and is nonsense, especially in the Java world.
Therefor I wrote an port of main parts of log4j to adapt it to
Based on the work of Remy and the log4j team, I took the two inital sources
and brought them together.
Later I also took JCL and SLF4J into it, where details have to be discussed.
It is an inital version and should be regarded as sandbox project.

If JULI is accepted by the PMC of Apache Logging Services I hope it will be
a sandbox and then a offical project.
--> I request the PMC members to official vote (hopefully +1) for an own
subproject under logging.apache. <--

What has been done?
- Initial port of the main handlers (jul term): WriterAppender,
FileAppender, RollingFileAppender
- Initial port of the main formatter (jul term): PatternLayout, HTMLLayout,
- Initial port of the main filters, where the concept
- Initial API documentation
- Ant build (including CoreTasks, Findbugs, Checkstyle, JUnit...)

What is open?
For this tasks I need definitely help
- Subversion Repository
- MailingList (dev, user, announce)
- Developers, committer, users(hopefully)
- Lots of documentation and samples
- Test, test, test - on the one hand (testcase-)code, on the other hand
practicall experience

There seems
Please have a look at it under:

Best regards

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