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From Yoav Shapira <yo...@apache.org>
Subject Re: JULI proposal
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 13:00:16 GMT

> I want to understand what niche JULI is filling here.  It extends the jdk 
> logging but uses log4j classes and implements JCL and SLF4J interfaces?  Why 
> would I want to use this instead of log4j or the jdk libraries?

You may not, and a normal user may not, but the container developer (Tomcat
being the container here) does.  The reason is to gradually reduce dependence
on JCL, which has been mostly a nightmare, inside the container itself, and
migrate towards the smallest possible container implementation that is still
under Tomcat's own control but not an area where significant maintanance work
needs to be done.  The motivation for this is a couple of years of PITA with
complicated bugs related to JCL, log4j, servlet classloaders, and the
interaction thereof, plus volatility with things like SLF4J and JCL 2.0, plus
the fact Tomcat 5.5 now requires JDK 1.4 so built-in logging is easily

Please keep in mind I'm not exactly advocating this: I didn't write a bit of
JULI, but I do understand the frustrations that have led to it.  And I have to
say, logging-related bugs and complaints amongst the tomcat-user community have
dropped significantly since its introduction.


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