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From "Mark Womack" <mwom...@apache.org>
Subject CVS -> SVN Migration Status
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 03:31:02 GMT
chainsaw - Build process verified (Scott)

log4jcxx - Repository reviewed, still need to verify the build process (Curt 

log4j - Build process for the head and the 1_2branch verified for the 
classes/jars.  Still need to verify the dist builds which are dependent on 
the logging-site repository (see below). (Mark)

log4net - Build process verified (Nicko)

sandbox - Build process verified.  But when we move it for real we want to 
move the current code into a sandbox/log4j subdir if we can.  If not, then 
we'll just do it manually after the migration.  The sandbox will be shared 
by all of the subprojects. (Mark)

site - I still cannot check out the site.  Is anyone else encountering this, 
or is it just me?  My cygwin svn command line client works fine with all of 
the other repositories except for logging-site.  I'll try a different client 
tomorrow evening.

Thanks everyone.  With hurricane Rita bearing down on Curt's location we may 
be delayed in completing the entire migration.  But we are almost there and 
things are looking good (except for Rita, of course).


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