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From "Nicko Cadell" <ni...@neoworks.com>
Subject How do I propose a new committer
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 17:03:57 GMT
Hi all,

I know that the Bylaws have been under discussion for some time, but the
current Bylaws seem to be a little ambiguous on how to add a new

In the general text it states:
"Committer access is by invitation only and must be approved by lazy
consensus of the active PMC members"

However, in the Actions table it says that it must be a Lazy consensus
of the "Active committers of the relevant sub-project". 

My question: Is a New Committer proposal supposed to be voted on by the
sub-project or by the PMC?

And if by the PMC which list should it go on?
For log4net this is complicated by the fact that we are in incubation
and therefore also need the approval of the incubator PMC.

Many Thanks,

Nicko Cadell
NeoWorks Limited

mail  nicko@neoworks.com
 web  www.neoworks.com
 tel  +44 (0)20 7025 0933

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