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From Yoav Shapira <yo...@apache.org>
Subject RE: How do I propose a new committer
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 17:54:08 GMT

> I guess after the LS PMC votes and determines to add a committer, it would
> go the incubator PMC?

Yeah.  The incubator PMC would be only a formality, they wouldn't even vote on
it.  So it would be:

1 - Nicko sends an email to pmc@logging.apache.org say X has been a good
contributor to project Y over the past N years (or months, or whatever), and
that Nicko would like to nominate X as a committer on project Y.  The subject
of this message would be something like 
[VOTE] X as a commiter for Y

2 - PMC members will cast their votes (and ask for clarification, if any is
needed) over some period of time, no less than 72 hours, and usually no more
than a week.

3 - After that time, Nicko will send pmc@logging another email, with a subject
[RESULT][VOTE] X as a commiter for Y
and in that email tally the votes and provide a link to the voting thread

4 - Assuming the vote passes, Nicko will send X an email inviting X to become a
committer.  There is a template for this email in the SVN committers
repository.  Also there is the CLA the committer needs to sign.

5 - If the committer accepts, he will fax his CLA to Jim, and Nicko will inform
the PMC that X accepted committer status.

6 - Once his account is setup, Mark will let pmc@incubator know we have this
new committer, and can they be nice and grant him karma on their repositories. 
As I said above, this step is merely a formality.


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