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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: Is Log4J Dead on the Java Platform?
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 21:55:57 GMT

On 19/05/2005, at 5:49 AM, Harry Hartley wrote:

>> I take that you are referring to the 1.2.9 release package?  I'll  
>> take a
>> look as this might be a release issue.  There are lots of new  
>> directories
>> in
>> the current cvs head, and even though the code was is not included  
>> in the
>> 1.2 release, the empty dirs probably are.  That is a simple cvs  
>> checkout
>> issue.  But I can see where it is confusing, no doubt, and I will  
>> make
>> sure
>> it is fixed for the next upcoming release.
> This is the case, and thanks. I think it would be really handy to  
> have a
> very simple Tomcat webapp logging example. I would be willing to  
> contribute
> this. Can you point me to a link that describes the submission  
> process?

An easy way to contribute is to post a new Bugzilla entry against  
log4j, and attach your contribution against the issue.


>> In the v1.2.9 release?  Can you point me at an example?
> Chainsaw is a part of the Log4J 1.2.9 release. In the javadoc that  
> describes
> the different kinds of receivers Specifically XMLSocketReceiver,  
> there is
> mention of an XMLSocketAppender. I searched several times through  
> code and
> html (java) docs without success. What I found doing web searches  
> is that
> XMLSocketAppender is supported by Log4Cxx. This led to my other  
> question
> about which is the flagship and which the follower.

Chainsaw v1 is part of the 1.2.x release.  However the current  
version of Chainsaw is v2, and is associated with the log4j 1.3  
release.   Chainsaw is now a separate component from log4j and is in  
it's own CVS repository (logging-chainsaw).

> No promises, but how does one contribute to the documentation?

Attach a patch to a bugzilla entry, they are always gratefully received.


Paul Smith

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