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From c...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: logging-site/docs/BoardReports board-report-2005-02.txt
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 14:51:38 GMT
ceki        2005/02/25 06:51:38

  Added:       docs/BoardReports board-report-2005-02.txt
  draft report 2005-02
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  logging-site/docs/BoardReports/board-report-2005-02.txt
  Index: board-report-2005-02.txt
  Logging Services report 2005-02
  Projects listed in alphabetical order.
  - report for the PMC
  The Logging Services project has approved the graduation of the
  log4cxx project from incubation. The Incubator PMC has sustained our
  motion and formally graduated log4cxx on 2005-01-11.
  The Logging Services project plans to move its CVS modules to SVN
  during the month of July.
  Election for PMC chair are expected to be held during March.
  - report for log4cxx
  Curt, could you please add a few words on log4cxx?
  - report for log4j
  Log4j 1.3alpha has been released during November 2004. Several other
  alpha releases have followed suit since then. We expect to release a
  final version in June.
  Given the large size of Chainsaw, a log viewer based on log4j, the
  log4j committers have decided to create a separate CVS module for it.
  - report for log4net
  The Logging Services PMC would like to see the log4net project
  graduate in the coming few months. A new log4net release is in
  preparation and the LS PMC has approved. We intent to seek the
  approval of the Incubator PMC in the coming days.
  Nicko could you please add a few words?
  - report for log4php
  The log4php project is awfully quiet and seems in a vegetative state.

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