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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Fwd: Re: Release
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 12:10:55 GMT

The recipe by Michael can be quite useful for other LS projects as well.

>Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 09:00:57 +0100
>From: Michaël CATANZARITI <mcatan@apache.org>
>User-Agent: Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8 (X11/20040913)
>To: Log4CXX Dev <log4cxx-dev@logging.apache.org>
>Subject: Re: Release
>concerning the log4cxx release process :
>- First you should vote on the dev mailing list and report the vote result 
>to pmc@logging.apache.org
>- Please consult http://www.apache.org/dev/ for further official stuff.
>This is the non official release process :
>Release binary
>- Make sure all new features and fixes have been tested with unit tests 
>(directory logging-log4cxx/tests)
>- Make sure all the tests pass on officially supported platforms by 
>invoking 'make check'
>- Eventually, add new supported platforms to logging-log4cxx/README
>- Eventually, complete logging-log4cxx/INSTALL with instruction for 
>compiling on new platforms.
>- Review in the log4cxx-dev mailing list archives all the cvs commits 
>since the last release and make sure that a JIRA issue has been created 
>and closed for each.
>- Complete file logging-log4cxx/ChangeLog with JIRA issues concerning the 
>new release
>- Increment version number in logging-log4cxx/configure.in (macro 
>- Increment Libtool version number in logging-log4cxx/configure.in (macro 
>- Commit configure.in, Changelog, README and INSTALL files
>- Build the version with 'make dist'
>- Log to www.apache.org with 'ssh yourlogin@www.apache.org'
>- Copy the new release log4cxx-???.tar.gz to 
>- Create the checksum file with 'md5 log4cxx-???.tar.gz > 
>Update Web site
>- Make sure you have checked out logging-log4cxx and logging-site (main 
>http://logging.apache.org site) under the same directory
>- Add to file logging-log4cxx/xdocs/src/news.xml a paragraph concerning 
>the release version
>- Add to file logging-site/src/xdocs/site/binindex.xml links to the new 
>binary and its md5 file.
>- Eventually, add new supported platforms to 
>- For the moment, you must generate manually a Doxyfile from 
>- For the moment, the files logging-log4cxx/xdocs/src/manual/header.html 
>and footer.html must be updated manually in order to reflect the site menu 
>in the Doxygen documentation.
>- Build the logging-site html files by invoking 'ant' from the directory 
>- Build the logging-log4cxx html files by invoking 'ant' from the 
>directory logging-log4cxx/xdocs
>- Log to www.apache.org with 'ssh yourlogin@www.apache.org'
>- Go to directory /www/logging.apache.org/site and check out binindex.html 
>by invoking 'cvs update binindex.html'
>- Go to directory /www/logging.apache.org/log4cxx and check out the whole 
>site by invoking 'cvs update'. you should at least check out the whole 
>Doxygen doc and the news.html file.
>Fresh meat
>Please create an account at freshmeat.net and I will add you as an admin 
>to the log4cxx project
>- Add a new log4cxx release at http://freshmeat.net/projects/log4cxx/
>Hope it will help.
>Take care,
>log4cxx project manager
>         log4cxx user mailing list:
>         mailto:log4cxx-user-subscribe@logging.apache.org
>         log4cxx developer mailing list:
>         mailto:log4cxx-dev-subscribe@logging.apache.org

Ceki Gülcü

      For log4j documentation consider "The complete log4j manual"

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