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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: Release
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 12:14:16 GMT
At 09:00 AM 11/4/2004, Michaël CATANZARITI wrote:
>concerning the log4cxx release process :
>- First you should vote on the dev mailing list and report the vote result 
>to pmc@logging.apache.org

The  dev list  for each  sub-project  of Logging  Services decides  by
itself  if and when  it makes  a new  product release.   In case  of a
positive decision, it needs to be approved by the Logging Services PMC
as described  in our  (yet to  be approved) bylaws  [0]. This  step is
mostly   a  formality   since  the   PMC  will   usually   follow  the
recommendation of the sub-project committers.

I'd  also like  to note  that the  PMC list  is normally  reserved for
confidential discussions. In most cases, discussions pertaining to the
Logging     Services    project    should     be    held     on    the
general@logging.apache.org mailing  list. I consider  the pmc@ mailing
lists inconvenient because messages  posted there automatically don an
air of confidentiality. As such, they are not supposed to be forwarded
elsewhere  without the  explicit and  prior consent  of  the message's
author. Votes, polls  and such should also take  place in general@. In
short, avoid using pmc@, use general@ instead.

[0] http://logging.apache.org/site/bylaws.html

>- Please consult http://www.apache.org/dev/ for further official stuff.
>This is the non official release process :
>Release binary


Nicely done. Thank you.

Ceki Gülcü

      For log4j documentation consider "The complete log4j manual"

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