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From Michael CATANZARITI <mca...@free.fr>
Subject logistics questions
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2004 10:57:44 GMT

For a few weeks, the log4cxx home page is active !

In the past, log4cxx was hosted by sourceforge 

What do you think about closing or keeping the log4cxx sourceforge access ?
How can I create an account concerning log4cxx in the Apache bugzilla 
database ?
How could I migrate all bugs/feature requests to  the Apache bugzilla 
database ?
Should keep using the sourceforge download manager to deliver minor or 
stabilization versions  and use the Apache site to deliver major versions ?
What are the rules to deliver versions through the Apache web site ?

I find it ambigous for users and complicated for me to maintain both 
log4cxx main pages. Nevertheless, the Apache version delivering process 
seems less flexible than the Sourceforge one ...


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