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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Granting committer status to log4net developers
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 13:50:23 GMT
At 07:13 AM 1/6/2004 +1100, Paul Smith wrote:
>And here is mine:
>[X] +1, grant committer access to log4net developers with CLA
>[ ]  0, I don't know/care
>[ ] -1, no, that's a bad idea because...
>Speaking of CLA's, I sent mine in by snail mail what seems like ages ago,
>but I am not sure if it has been received, the committers list via the
>apache website does not have me in italics, but neither is Mark or Scott, so
>I am wondering if that is out of date, or snail mail really IS that slow.

Jim maintains a file of singed CLAs which gets processed to output 

Here are some relevant entries from this file:

ceki:Ceki Gulcu:ceki at qos dot ch:Signed CLA
notinavail:Paul Jeffrey Smith:paul.smith at lawlex.com dot au:Signed CLA
notinavail:Mark Dwayne Womack:markwomack at womacknet dot com:Signed CLA
yoavs:Yoav Shapira:yoavs at computer dot org:Signed CLA

I suspect the problem comes from the "notinavail" field for Paul and Mark. 
Ask Jim Jagielski (jim at apache dot org) what the "notinavail" entry means 
and whether he can correct it. It may be that he could not find out your 
Unix user name...

There are no entries for Scott Deboy nor Jacob Kjome. Scott, Jacob, have 
you sent in your CLAs?

>Paul Smith

Ceki Gülcü

      For log4j documentation consider "The complete log4j manual"
      ISBN: 2970036908 http://www.qos.ch/shop/products/clm_t.jsp  

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