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From "Mark Womack" <mwom...@apache.org>
Subject [VOTE] Setup Logging Wiki
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 05:26:17 GMT
Apache has established a new wiki at wiki.apache.org.  This is a new farm of
machines dedicated to the wiki, and it is meant to replace the wiki
currently at nagoya.apache.org/wiki.  The nagoya server is actually going
away sometime very soon and I imagine that all the projects will be
migrating soon.

The new wiki is using MoinMoin instead of the UseMod:UseModWiki.  I guess
infrastructure made the decision of what wiki tool to use, and they chose
MoinMoin.  I don't think we much care as they are the ones that will be
maintaining it, so more power to them.  It appears that one of the
determining reasons was some oversight capability for changes to the wiki.
Each time the wiki is changed, an email is sent to a targeted email list.
This gives the project committers a chance to correct/remove any
bogus/unwanted wiki information.

I would like to propose the following for the Logging project (based on some
recent discussion on the Jakarta PMC led by Noel Bergman):

1) Request infrastructure@apache.org create a new wiki for the Logging
project at:


This will be a wiki for the Logging project.  We can put PMC/general items
there as well as links to subproject wiki's.
Change notifications for the wiki will be mailed to:

2) Request infrastructure@apache.org create a wiki for log4j at:


The current Jakarta log4j wiki pages will also be ported/converted to the
new location so we won't have to recreate them.
Change notifications to the wiki will be mailed to:

The general format for future subproject wiki's will be


with notifications being mailed to $subproject-cvs@logging.apache.org.  So,
taking log4net as an example:

  notifications: log4net-cvs@logging.apache.org

[ ] +1, yes please make the above requests of infrastructure@apache.org
[ ] 0, whatever a wiki is, dude, I don't much care
[ ] -1, no, I don't like this idea (and this is why...)

Technically this is a PMC level vote, but in the spirit of including
participants from all the potential sister projects, please vote/comment as
you will.

And many thanks to Noel Bergman and the infrastructure team for doing the
work to make this all possible in the first place.


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