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From ihabu...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1180134 [34/43] - in /logging/site/trunk/docs/log4php: ./ apidocs/ apidocs/log4php/ apidocs/log4php/appenders/ apidocs/log4php/configurators/ apidocs/log4php/filters/ apidocs/log4php/helpers/ apidocs/log4php/layouts/ apidocs/log4php/render...
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2011 18:26:14 GMT
Modified: logging/site/trunk/docs/log4php/coverage-report/helpers_LoggerPatternParser.php.html
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/logging/site/trunk/docs/log4php/coverage-report/helpers_LoggerPatternParser.php.html?rev=1180134&r1=1180133&r2=1180134&view=diff
--- logging/site/trunk/docs/log4php/coverage-report/helpers_LoggerPatternParser.php.html (original)
+++ logging/site/trunk/docs/log4php/coverage-report/helpers_LoggerPatternParser.php.html Fri Oct  7 18:26:07 2011
@@ -77,12 +77,12 @@
           <td class="coverBar" align="center" width="100">
             <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">
-                <td class="coverBarOutline"><img src="butter.png" width="68" height="10" alt="68.50%"><img src="snow.png" width="32" height="10" alt="68.50%"></td>
+                <td class="coverBarOutline"><img src="chameleon.png" width="71" height="10" alt="71.58%"><img src="snow.png" width="29" height="10" alt="71.58%"></td>
-          <td class="coverPerMed">68.50%</td>
-          <td class="coverNumMed">137 / 200</td>
+          <td class="coverPerHi">71.58%</td>
+          <td class="coverNumHi">136 / 190</td>
@@ -112,12 +112,12 @@
           <td class="coverBar" align="center" width="100">
             <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">
-                <td class="coverBarOutline"><img src="butter.png" width="68" height="10" alt="68.50%"><img src="snow.png" width="32" height="10" alt="68.50%"></td>
+                <td class="coverBarOutline"><img src="chameleon.png" width="71" height="10" alt="71.58%"><img src="snow.png" width="29" height="10" alt="71.58%"></td>
-          <td class="coverPerMed">68.50%</td>
-          <td class="coverNumMed">137 / 200</td>
+          <td class="coverPerHi">71.58%</td>
+          <td class="coverNumHi">136 / 190</td>
@@ -246,20 +246,20 @@
           <td class="coverPerLo">0.00%</td>
           <td class="coverNumLo">0 / 1</td>
-          <td class="crap">48.66</td>
+          <td class="crap">28.11</td>
           <td class="coverBar" align="center" width="100">
             <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">
-                <td class="coverBarOutline"><img src="butter.png" width="63" height="10" alt="63.53%"><img src="snow.png" width="37" height="10" alt="63.53%"></td>
+                <td class="coverBarOutline"><img src="chameleon.png" width="70" height="10" alt="70.67%"><img src="snow.png" width="30" height="10" alt="70.67%"></td>
-          <td class="coverPerMed">63.53%</td>
-          <td class="coverNumMed">54 / 85</td>
+          <td class="coverPerHi">70.67%</td>
+          <td class="coverNumHi">53 / 75</td>
-          <td class="coverFile" colspan="4">&nbsp;<a href="#331">addConverter($pc)</a></td>
+          <td class="coverFile" colspan="4">&nbsp;<a href="#321">addConverter($pc)</a></td>
           <td class="coverBar" align="center" width="100">
             <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">
@@ -294,347 +294,337 @@
 <pre class="source">
-<span class="lineNum" id="container1"><a name="1"></a><a href="#1" id="line1">       1</a> </span>                : &lt;?php                                                                                                                      
-<span class="lineNum" id="container2"><a name="2"></a><a href="#2" id="line2">       2</a> </span>                : /**                                                                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container3"><a name="3"></a><a href="#3" id="line3">       3</a> </span>                :  * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more                                                      
-<span class="lineNum" id="container4"><a name="4"></a><a href="#4" id="line4">       4</a> </span>                :  * contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container5"><a name="5"></a><a href="#5" id="line5">       5</a> </span>                :  * this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.                                                     
-<span class="lineNum" id="container6"><a name="6"></a><a href="#6" id="line6">       6</a> </span>                :  * The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0                                                 
-<span class="lineNum" id="container7"><a name="7"></a><a href="#7" id="line7">       7</a> </span>                :  * (the &quot;License&quot;); you may not use this file except in compliance with                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container8"><a name="8"></a><a href="#8" id="line8">       8</a> </span>                :  * the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container9"><a name="9"></a><a href="#9" id="line9">       9</a> </span>                :  *                                                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container10"><a name="10"></a><a href="#10" id="line10">      10</a> </span>                :  *       http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container11"><a name="11"></a><a href="#11" id="line11">      11</a> </span>                :  *                                                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container12"><a name="12"></a><a href="#12" id="line12">      12</a> </span>                :  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software                                                     
-<span class="lineNum" id="container13"><a name="13"></a><a href="#13" id="line13">      13</a> </span>                :  * distributed under the License is distributed on an &quot;AS IS&quot; BASIS,                                                       
-<span class="lineNum" id="container14"><a name="14"></a><a href="#14" id="line14">      14</a> </span>                :  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.                                                
-<span class="lineNum" id="container15"><a name="15"></a><a href="#15" id="line15">      15</a> </span>                :  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and                                                     
-<span class="lineNum" id="container16"><a name="16"></a><a href="#16" id="line16">      16</a> </span>                :  * limitations under the License.                                                                                          
-<span class="lineNum" id="container17"><a name="17"></a><a href="#17" id="line17">      17</a> </span>                :  *                                                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container18"><a name="18"></a><a href="#18" id="line18">      18</a> </span>                :  * @package log4php                                                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container19"><a name="19"></a><a href="#19" id="line19">      19</a> </span>                :  */                                                                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container20"><a name="20"></a><a href="#20" id="line20">      20</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container21"><a name="21"></a><a href="#21" id="line21">      21</a> </span>                : /**                                                                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container22"><a name="22"></a><a href="#22" id="line22">      22</a> </span>                :  * Most of the work of the {@link LoggerPatternLayout} class                                                               
-<span class="lineNum" id="container23"><a name="23"></a><a href="#23" id="line23">      23</a> </span>                :  * is delegated to the {@link LoggerPatternParser} class.                                                                  
-<span class="lineNum" id="container24"><a name="24"></a><a href="#24" id="line24">      24</a> </span>                :  *                                                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container25"><a name="25"></a><a href="#25" id="line25">      25</a> </span>                :  * &lt;p&gt;It is this class that parses conversion patterns and creates                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container26"><a name="26"></a><a href="#26" id="line26">      26</a> </span>                :  * a chained list of {@link LoggerPatternConverter} converters.&lt;/p&gt;                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container27"><a name="27"></a><a href="#27" id="line27">      27</a> </span>                :  *                                                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container28"><a name="28"></a><a href="#28" id="line28">      28</a> </span>                :  * @version $Revision: 948675 $                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container29"><a name="29"></a><a href="#29" id="line29">      29</a> </span>                :  * @package log4php                                                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container30"><a name="30"></a><a href="#30" id="line30">      30</a> </span>                :  * @subpackage helpers                                                                                                     
-<span class="lineNum" id="container31"><a name="31"></a><a href="#31" id="line31">      31</a> </span>                :  *                                                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container32"><a name="32"></a><a href="#32" id="line32">      32</a> </span>                :  * @since 0.3                                                                                                              
-<span class="lineNum" id="container33"><a name="33"></a><a href="#33" id="line33">      33</a> </span>                :  */                                                                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container34"><a name="34"></a><a href="#34" id="line34">      34</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              1 : class LoggerPatternParser {                                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container35"><a name="35"></a><a href="#35" id="line35">      35</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container36"><a name="36"></a><a href="#36" id="line36">      36</a> </span>                :     const ESCAPE_CHAR = '%';                                                                                               
-<span class="lineNum" id="container37"><a name="37"></a><a href="#37" id="line37">      37</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container38"><a name="38"></a><a href="#38" id="line38">      38</a> </span>                :     const LITERAL_STATE = 0;                                                                                               
-<span class="lineNum" id="container39"><a name="39"></a><a href="#39" id="line39">      39</a> </span>                :     const CONVERTER_STATE = 1;                                                                                             
-<span class="lineNum" id="container40"><a name="40"></a><a href="#40" id="line40">      40</a> </span>                :     const MINUS_STATE = 2;                                                                                                 
-<span class="lineNum" id="container41"><a name="41"></a><a href="#41" id="line41">      41</a> </span>                :     const DOT_STATE = 3;                                                                                                   
-<span class="lineNum" id="container42"><a name="42"></a><a href="#42" id="line42">      42</a> </span>                :     const MIN_STATE = 4;                                                                                                   
-<span class="lineNum" id="container43"><a name="43"></a><a href="#43" id="line43">      43</a> </span>                :     const MAX_STATE = 5;                                                                                                   
-<span class="lineNum" id="container44"><a name="44"></a><a href="#44" id="line44">      44</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container45"><a name="45"></a><a href="#45" id="line45">      45</a> </span>                :     const FULL_LOCATION_CONVERTER = 1000;                                                                                  
-<span class="lineNum" id="container46"><a name="46"></a><a href="#46" id="line46">      46</a> </span>                :     const METHOD_LOCATION_CONVERTER = 1001;                                                                                
-<span class="lineNum" id="container47"><a name="47"></a><a href="#47" id="line47">      47</a> </span>                :     const CLASS_LOCATION_CONVERTER = 1002;                                                                                 
-<span class="lineNum" id="container48"><a name="48"></a><a href="#48" id="line48">      48</a> </span>                :     const FILE_LOCATION_CONVERTER = 1003;                                                                                  
-<span class="lineNum" id="container49"><a name="49"></a><a href="#49" id="line49">      49</a> </span>                :     const LINE_LOCATION_CONVERTER = 1004;                                                                                  
-<span class="lineNum" id="container50"><a name="50"></a><a href="#50" id="line50">      50</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container51"><a name="51"></a><a href="#51" id="line51">      51</a> </span>                :     const RELATIVE_TIME_CONVERTER = 2000;                                                                                  
-<span class="lineNum" id="container52"><a name="52"></a><a href="#52" id="line52">      52</a> </span>                :     const THREAD_CONVERTER = 2001;                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container53"><a name="53"></a><a href="#53" id="line53">      53</a> </span>                :     const LEVEL_CONVERTER = 2002;                                                                                          
-<span class="lineNum" id="container54"><a name="54"></a><a href="#54" id="line54">      54</a> </span>                :     const NDC_CONVERTER = 2003;                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container55"><a name="55"></a><a href="#55" id="line55">      55</a> </span>                :     const MESSAGE_CONVERTER = 2004;                                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container56"><a name="56"></a><a href="#56" id="line56">      56</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container57"><a name="57"></a><a href="#57" id="line57">      57</a> </span>                :     const DATE_FORMAT_ISO8601 = 'Y-m-d H:i:s,u';                                                                           
-<span class="lineNum" id="container58"><a name="58"></a><a href="#58" id="line58">      58</a> </span>                :     const DATE_FORMAT_ABSOLUTE = 'H:i:s';                                                                                  
-<span class="lineNum" id="container59"><a name="59"></a><a href="#59" id="line59">      59</a> </span>                :     const DATE_FORMAT_DATE = 'd M Y H:i:s,u';                                                                              
-<span class="lineNum" id="container60"><a name="60"></a><a href="#60" id="line60">      60</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container61"><a name="61"></a><a href="#61" id="line61">      61</a> </span>                :     private $state;                                                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container62"><a name="62"></a><a href="#62" id="line62">      62</a> </span>                :     private $currentLiteral;                                                                                               
-<span class="lineNum" id="container63"><a name="63"></a><a href="#63" id="line63">      63</a> </span>                :     private $patternLength;                                                                                                
-<span class="lineNum" id="container64"><a name="64"></a><a href="#64" id="line64">      64</a> </span>                :     private $i;                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container65"><a name="65"></a><a href="#65" id="line65">      65</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container66"><a name="66"></a><a href="#66" id="line66">      66</a> </span>                :     /**                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container67"><a name="67"></a><a href="#67" id="line67">      67</a> </span>                :      * @var LoggerPatternConverter                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container68"><a name="68"></a><a href="#68" id="line68">      68</a> </span>                :      */                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container69"><a name="69"></a><a href="#69" id="line69">      69</a> </span>                :     private $head = null;                                                                                                  
-<span class="lineNum" id="container70"><a name="70"></a><a href="#70" id="line70">      70</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container71"><a name="71"></a><a href="#71" id="line71">      71</a> </span>                :     /**                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container72"><a name="72"></a><a href="#72" id="line72">      72</a> </span>                :      * @var LoggerPatternConverter                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container73"><a name="73"></a><a href="#73" id="line73">      73</a> </span>                :      */                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container74"><a name="74"></a><a href="#74" id="line74">      74</a> </span>                :     private $tail = null;                                                                                                  
-<span class="lineNum" id="container75"><a name="75"></a><a href="#75" id="line75">      75</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container76"><a name="76"></a><a href="#76" id="line76">      76</a> </span>                :     /**                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container77"><a name="77"></a><a href="#77" id="line77">      77</a> </span>                :      * @var LoggerFormattingInfo                                                                                           
-<span class="lineNum" id="container78"><a name="78"></a><a href="#78" id="line78">      78</a> </span>                :      */                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container79"><a name="79"></a><a href="#79" id="line79">      79</a> </span>                :     private $formattingInfo;                                                                                               
-<span class="lineNum" id="container80"><a name="80"></a><a href="#80" id="line80">      80</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container81"><a name="81"></a><a href="#81" id="line81">      81</a> </span>                :     /**                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container82"><a name="82"></a><a href="#82" id="line82">      82</a> </span>                :      * @var string pattern to parse                                                                                        
-<span class="lineNum" id="container83"><a name="83"></a><a href="#83" id="line83">      83</a> </span>                :      */                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container84"><a name="84"></a><a href="#84" id="line84">      84</a> </span>                :     private $pattern;                                                                                                      
-<span class="lineNum" id="container85"><a name="85"></a><a href="#85" id="line85">      85</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container86"><a name="86"></a><a href="#86" id="line86">      86</a> </span>                :     /**                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container87"><a name="87"></a><a href="#87" id="line87">      87</a> </span>                :      * Constructor                                                                                                         
-<span class="lineNum" id="container88"><a name="88"></a><a href="#88" id="line88">      88</a> </span>                :      *                                                                                                                     
-<span class="lineNum" id="container89"><a name="89"></a><a href="#89" id="line89">      89</a> </span>                :      * @param string $pattern                                                                                              
-<span class="lineNum" id="container90"><a name="90"></a><a href="#90" id="line90">      90</a> </span>                :      */                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container91"><a name="91"></a><a href="#91" id="line91">      91</a> </span>                :     public function __construct($pattern) {                                                                                
-<span class="lineNum" id="container92"><a name="92"></a><a href="#92" id="line92">      92</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         $this-&gt;pattern = $pattern;                                                                                         </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container93"><a name="93"></a><a href="#93" id="line93">      93</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         $this-&gt;patternLength =    strlen($pattern);                                                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container94"><a name="94"></a><a href="#94" id="line94">      94</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         $this-&gt;formattingInfo = new LoggerFormattingInfo();                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container95"><a name="95"></a><a href="#95" id="line95">      95</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         $this-&gt;state = self::LITERAL_STATE;                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container96"><a name="96"></a><a href="#96" id="line96">      96</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :     }                                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container97"><a name="97"></a><a href="#97" id="line97">      97</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container98"><a name="98"></a><a href="#98" id="line98">      98</a> </span>                :     /**                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container99"><a name="99"></a><a href="#99" id="line99">      99</a> </span>                :      * @param LoggerPatternConverter $pc                                                                                   
-<span class="lineNum" id="container100"><a name="100"></a><a href="#100" id="line100">     100</a> </span>                :      */                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container101"><a name="101"></a><a href="#101" id="line101">     101</a> </span>                :     public function addToList($pc) {                                                                                       
-<span class="lineNum" id="container102"><a name="102"></a><a href="#102" id="line102">     102</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         if($this-&gt;head == null) {                                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container103"><a name="103"></a><a href="#103" id="line103">     103</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :             $this-&gt;head = $pc;                                                                                             </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container104"><a name="104"></a><a href="#104" id="line104">     104</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :             $this-&gt;tail = $this-&gt;head;                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container105"><a name="105"></a><a href="#105" id="line105">     105</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         } else {                                                                                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container106"><a name="106"></a><a href="#106" id="line106">     106</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :             $this-&gt;tail-&gt;next = $pc;                                                                                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container107"><a name="107"></a><a href="#107" id="line107">     107</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :             $this-&gt;tail = $this-&gt;tail-&gt;next;                                                                               </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container108"><a name="108"></a><a href="#108" id="line108">     108</a> </span>                :         }                                                                                                                  
-<span class="lineNum" id="container109"><a name="109"></a><a href="#109" id="line109">     109</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :     }                                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container110"><a name="110"></a><a href="#110" id="line110">     110</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container111"><a name="111"></a><a href="#111" id="line111">     111</a> </span>                :     /**                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container112"><a name="112"></a><a href="#112" id="line112">     112</a> </span>                :      * @return string                                                                                                      
-<span class="lineNum" id="container113"><a name="113"></a><a href="#113" id="line113">     113</a> </span>                :      */                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container114"><a name="114"></a><a href="#114" id="line114">     114</a> </span>                :     public function extractOption() {                                                                                      
-<span class="lineNum" id="container115"><a name="115"></a><a href="#115" id="line115">     115</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :         if(($this-&gt;i &lt; $this-&gt;patternLength) and ($this-&gt;pattern{$this-&gt;i} == '{')) {                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container116"><a name="116"></a><a href="#116" id="line116">     116</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :             $end = strpos($this-&gt;pattern, '}' , $this-&gt;i);                                                                 </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container117"><a name="117"></a><a href="#117" id="line117">     117</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :             if($end !== false) {                                                                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container118"><a name="118"></a><a href="#118" id="line118">     118</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $r = substr($this-&gt;pattern, ($this-&gt;i + 1), ($end - $this-&gt;i - 1));                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container119"><a name="119"></a><a href="#119" id="line119">     119</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $this-&gt;i= $end + 1;                                                                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container120"><a name="120"></a><a href="#120" id="line120">     120</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 return $r;                                                                                                 </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container121"><a name="121"></a><a href="#121" id="line121">     121</a> </span><span class="lineDeadCode">                :             }                                                                                                              </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container122"><a name="122"></a><a href="#122" id="line122">     122</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :         }                                                                                                                  </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container123"><a name="123"></a><a href="#123" id="line123">     123</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :         return null;                                                                                                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container124"><a name="124"></a><a href="#124" id="line124">     124</a> </span><span class="lineDeadCode">                :     }                                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container125"><a name="125"></a><a href="#125" id="line125">     125</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container126"><a name="126"></a><a href="#126" id="line126">     126</a> </span>                :     /**                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container127"><a name="127"></a><a href="#127" id="line127">     127</a> </span>                :      * The option is expected to be in decimal and positive. In case of                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container128"><a name="128"></a><a href="#128" id="line128">     128</a> </span>                :      * error, zero is returned.                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container129"><a name="129"></a><a href="#129" id="line129">     129</a> </span>                :      */                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container130"><a name="130"></a><a href="#130" id="line130">     130</a> </span>                :     public function extractPrecisionOption() {                                                                             
-<span class="lineNum" id="container131"><a name="131"></a><a href="#131" id="line131">     131</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             12 :         $opt = $this-&gt;extractOption();                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container132"><a name="132"></a><a href="#132" id="line132">     132</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             12 :         $r = 0;                                                                                                            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container133"><a name="133"></a><a href="#133" id="line133">     133</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             12 :         if($opt !== null) {                                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container134"><a name="134"></a><a href="#134" id="line134">     134</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :             if(is_numeric($opt)) {                                                                                         </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container135"><a name="135"></a><a href="#135" id="line135">     135</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 $r = (int)$opt;                                                                                            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container136"><a name="136"></a><a href="#136" id="line136">     136</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 if($r &lt;= 0) {                                                                                              </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container137"><a name="137"></a><a href="#137" id="line137">     137</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     $r = 0;                                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container138"><a name="138"></a><a href="#138" id="line138">     138</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 }                                                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container139"><a name="139"></a><a href="#139" id="line139">     139</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :             }                                                                                                              </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container140"><a name="140"></a><a href="#140" id="line140">     140</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :         }                                                                                                                  </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container141"><a name="141"></a><a href="#141" id="line141">     141</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             12 :         return $r;                                                                                                         </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container142"><a name="142"></a><a href="#142" id="line142">     142</a> </span><span class="lineDeadCode">                :     }                                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container143"><a name="143"></a><a href="#143" id="line143">     143</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container144"><a name="144"></a><a href="#144" id="line144">     144</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container145"><a name="145"></a><a href="#145" id="line145">     145</a> </span>                :     /** Parser.                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container146"><a name="146"></a><a href="#146" id="line146">     146</a> </span>                :      *                                                                                                                     
-<span class="lineNum" id="container147"><a name="147"></a><a href="#147" id="line147">     147</a> </span>                :      * @return LoggerPatternConverter Returns $this-&gt;head.                                                                 
-<span class="lineNum" id="container148"><a name="148"></a><a href="#148" id="line148">     148</a> </span>                :      */                                                                                                                    
-<span class="lineNum" id="container149"><a name="149"></a><a href="#149" id="line149">     149</a> </span>                :     public function parse() {                                                                                              
-<span class="lineNum" id="container150"><a name="150"></a><a href="#150" id="line150">     150</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         $c = '';                                                                                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container151"><a name="151"></a><a href="#151" id="line151">     151</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         $this-&gt;i = 0;                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container152"><a name="152"></a><a href="#152" id="line152">     152</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container153"><a name="153"></a><a href="#153" id="line153">     153</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         while($this-&gt;i &lt; $this-&gt;patternLength) {                                                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container154"><a name="154"></a><a href="#154" id="line154">     154</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :             $c = $this-&gt;pattern{$this-&gt;i++};                                                                               </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container155"><a name="155"></a><a href="#155" id="line155">     155</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container156"><a name="156"></a><a href="#156" id="line156">     156</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :             switch($this-&gt;state) {                                                                                         </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container157"><a name="157"></a><a href="#157" id="line157">     157</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                 case self::LITERAL_STATE:                                                                                  </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container158"><a name="158"></a><a href="#158" id="line158">     158</a> </span>                :                     // In literal state, the last char is always a literal.                                                
-<span class="lineNum" id="container159"><a name="159"></a><a href="#159" id="line159">     159</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                     if($this-&gt;i == $this-&gt;patternLength) {                                                                 </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container160"><a name="160"></a><a href="#160" id="line160">     160</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              1 :                         $this-&gt;currentLiteral .= $c;                                                                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container161"><a name="161"></a><a href="#161" id="line161">     161</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              1 :                         continue;                                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container162"><a name="162"></a><a href="#162" id="line162">     162</a> </span><span class="lineDeadCode">                :                     }                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container163"><a name="163"></a><a href="#163" id="line163">     163</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                     if($c == self::ESCAPE_CHAR) {                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container164"><a name="164"></a><a href="#164" id="line164">     164</a> </span>                :                         // peek at the next char.                                                                          
-<span class="lineNum" id="container165"><a name="165"></a><a href="#165" id="line165">     165</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                         switch($this-&gt;pattern{$this-&gt;i}) {                                                                 </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container166"><a name="166"></a><a href="#166" id="line166">     166</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                             case self::ESCAPE_CHAR:                                                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container167"><a name="167"></a><a href="#167" id="line167">     167</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral .= $c;                                                               </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container168"><a name="168"></a><a href="#168" id="line168">     168</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                                 $this-&gt;i++; // move pointer                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container169"><a name="169"></a><a href="#169" id="line169">     169</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                                 break;                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container170"><a name="170"></a><a href="#170" id="line170">     170</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                             case 'n':                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container171"><a name="171"></a><a href="#171" id="line171">     171</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :                                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral .= PHP_EOL;                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container172"><a name="172"></a><a href="#172" id="line172">     172</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :                                 $this-&gt;i++; // move pointer                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container173"><a name="173"></a><a href="#173" id="line173">     173</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :                                 break;                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container174"><a name="174"></a><a href="#174" id="line174">     174</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                             default:                                                                                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container175"><a name="175"></a><a href="#175" id="line175">     175</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                                 if(strlen($this-&gt;currentLiteral) != 0) {                                                   </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container176"><a name="176"></a><a href="#176" id="line176">     176</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :                                     $this-&gt;addToList(new LoggerLiteralPatternConverter($this-&gt;currentLiteral));            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container177"><a name="177"></a><a href="#177" id="line177">     177</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :                                 }                                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container178"><a name="178"></a><a href="#178" id="line178">     178</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = $c;                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container179"><a name="179"></a><a href="#179" id="line179">     179</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                                 $this-&gt;state = self::CONVERTER_STATE;                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container180"><a name="180"></a><a href="#180" id="line180">     180</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                                 $this-&gt;formattingInfo-&gt;reset();                                                            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container181"><a name="181"></a><a href="#181" id="line181">     181</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                         }                                                                                                  </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container182"><a name="182"></a><a href="#182" id="line182">     182</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                     } else {                                                                                               </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container183"><a name="183"></a><a href="#183" id="line183">     183</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :                         $this-&gt;currentLiteral .= $c;                                                                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container184"><a name="184"></a><a href="#184" id="line184">     184</a> </span>                :                     }                                                                                                      
-<span class="lineNum" id="container185"><a name="185"></a><a href="#185" id="line185">     185</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                     break;                                                                                                 </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container186"><a name="186"></a><a href="#186" id="line186">     186</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                 case self::CONVERTER_STATE:                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container187"><a name="187"></a><a href="#187" id="line187">     187</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                         $this-&gt;currentLiteral .= $c;                                                                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container188"><a name="188"></a><a href="#188" id="line188">     188</a> </span>                :                         switch($c) {                                                                                       
-<span class="lineNum" id="container189"><a name="189"></a><a href="#189" id="line189">     189</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                         case '-':                                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container190"><a name="190"></a><a href="#190" id="line190">     190</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                             $this-&gt;formattingInfo-&gt;leftAlign = true;                                                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container191"><a name="191"></a><a href="#191" id="line191">     191</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                             break;                                                                                         </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container192"><a name="192"></a><a href="#192" id="line192">     192</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                         case '.':                                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container193"><a name="193"></a><a href="#193" id="line193">     193</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                             $this-&gt;state = self::DOT_STATE;                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container194"><a name="194"></a><a href="#194" id="line194">     194</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                                 break;                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container195"><a name="195"></a><a href="#195" id="line195">     195</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                         default:                                                                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container196"><a name="196"></a><a href="#196" id="line196">     196</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                             if(ord($c) &gt;= ord('0') and ord($c) &lt;= ord('9')) {                                              </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container197"><a name="197"></a><a href="#197" id="line197">     197</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                                 $this-&gt;formattingInfo-&gt;min = ord($c) - ord('0');                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container198"><a name="198"></a><a href="#198" id="line198">     198</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                                 $this-&gt;state = self::MIN_STATE;                                                            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container199"><a name="199"></a><a href="#199" id="line199">     199</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                             } else {                                                                                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container200"><a name="200"></a><a href="#200" id="line200">     200</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                                 $this-&gt;finalizeConverter($c);                                                              </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container201"><a name="201"></a><a href="#201" id="line201">     201</a> </span>                :                             }                                                                                              
-<span class="lineNum" id="container202"><a name="202"></a><a href="#202" id="line202">     202</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                         } // switch                                                                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container203"><a name="203"></a><a href="#203" id="line203">     203</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :                     break;                                                                                                 </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container204"><a name="204"></a><a href="#204" id="line204">     204</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 case self::MIN_STATE:                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container205"><a name="205"></a><a href="#205" id="line205">     205</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                     $this-&gt;currentLiteral .= $c;                                                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container206"><a name="206"></a><a href="#206" id="line206">     206</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                     if(ord($c) &gt;= ord('0') and ord($c) &lt;= ord('9')) {                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container207"><a name="207"></a><a href="#207" id="line207">     207</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;formattingInfo-&gt;min = ($this-&gt;formattingInfo-&gt;min * 10) + (ord($c) - ord('0'));             </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container208"><a name="208"></a><a href="#208" id="line208">     208</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                     } else if ($c == '.') {                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container209"><a name="209"></a><a href="#209" id="line209">     209</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;state = self::DOT_STATE;                                                                    </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container210"><a name="210"></a><a href="#210" id="line210">     210</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     } else {                                                                                               </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container211"><a name="211"></a><a href="#211" id="line211">     211</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                         $this-&gt;finalizeConverter($c);                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container212"><a name="212"></a><a href="#212" id="line212">     212</a> </span>                :                     }                                                                                                      
-<span class="lineNum" id="container213"><a name="213"></a><a href="#213" id="line213">     213</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                     break;                                                                                                 </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container214"><a name="214"></a><a href="#214" id="line214">     214</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 case self::DOT_STATE:                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container215"><a name="215"></a><a href="#215" id="line215">     215</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     $this-&gt;currentLiteral .= $c;                                                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container216"><a name="216"></a><a href="#216" id="line216">     216</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     if(ord($c) &gt;= ord('0') and ord($c) &lt;= ord('9')) {                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container217"><a name="217"></a><a href="#217" id="line217">     217</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;formattingInfo-&gt;max = ord($c) - ord('0');                                                   </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container218"><a name="218"></a><a href="#218" id="line218">     218</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;state = self::MAX_STATE;                                                                    </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container219"><a name="219"></a><a href="#219" id="line219">     219</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     } else {                                                                                               </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container220"><a name="220"></a><a href="#220" id="line220">     220</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;state = self::LITERAL_STATE;                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container221"><a name="221"></a><a href="#221" id="line221">     221</a> </span>                :                     }                                                                                                      
-<span class="lineNum" id="container222"><a name="222"></a><a href="#222" id="line222">     222</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     break;                                                                                                 </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container223"><a name="223"></a><a href="#223" id="line223">     223</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 case self::MAX_STATE:                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container224"><a name="224"></a><a href="#224" id="line224">     224</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     $this-&gt;currentLiteral .= $c;                                                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container225"><a name="225"></a><a href="#225" id="line225">     225</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     if(ord($c) &gt;= ord('0') and ord($c) &lt;= ord('9')) {                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container226"><a name="226"></a><a href="#226" id="line226">     226</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;formattingInfo-&gt;max = ($this-&gt;formattingInfo-&gt;max * 10) + (ord($c) - ord('0'));             </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container227"><a name="227"></a><a href="#227" id="line227">     227</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     } else {                                                                                               </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container228"><a name="228"></a><a href="#228" id="line228">     228</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;finalizeConverter($c);                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container229"><a name="229"></a><a href="#229" id="line229">     229</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;state = self::LITERAL_STATE;                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container230"><a name="230"></a><a href="#230" id="line230">     230</a> </span>                :                     }                                                                                                      
-<span class="lineNum" id="container231"><a name="231"></a><a href="#231" id="line231">     231</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     break;                                                                                                 </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container232"><a name="232"></a><a href="#232" id="line232">     232</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :             } // switch                                                                                                    </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container233"><a name="233"></a><a href="#233" id="line233">     233</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         } // while                                                                                                         </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container234"><a name="234"></a><a href="#234" id="line234">     234</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         if(strlen($this-&gt;currentLiteral) != 0) {                                                                           </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container235"><a name="235"></a><a href="#235" id="line235">     235</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :             $this-&gt;addToList(new LoggerLiteralPatternConverter($this-&gt;currentLiteral));                                    </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container236"><a name="236"></a><a href="#236" id="line236">     236</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :         }                                                                                                                  </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container237"><a name="237"></a><a href="#237" id="line237">     237</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         return $this-&gt;head;                                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container238"><a name="238"></a><a href="#238" id="line238">     238</a> </span><span class="lineDeadCode">                :     }                                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container239"><a name="239"></a><a href="#239" id="line239">     239</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container240"><a name="240"></a><a href="#240" id="line240">     240</a> </span>                :     public function finalizeConverter($c) {                                                                                
-<span class="lineNum" id="container241"><a name="241"></a><a href="#241" id="line241">     241</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :         $pc = null;                                                                                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container242"><a name="242"></a><a href="#242" id="line242">     242</a> </span>                :         switch($c) {                                                                                                       
-<span class="lineNum" id="container243"><a name="243"></a><a href="#243" id="line243">     243</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :             case 'c':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container244"><a name="244"></a><a href="#244" id="line244">     244</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             12 :                 $pc = new LoggerCategoryPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, $this-&gt;extractPrecisionOption());          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container245"><a name="245"></a><a href="#245" id="line245">     245</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             12 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container246"><a name="246"></a><a href="#246" id="line246">     246</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             12 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container247"><a name="247"></a><a href="#247" id="line247">     247</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             15 :             case 'C':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container248"><a name="248"></a><a href="#248" id="line248">     248</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              7 :                 $pc = new LoggerClassNamePatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::CLASS_LOCATION_CONVERTER);          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container249"><a name="249"></a><a href="#249" id="line249">     249</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              7 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container250"><a name="250"></a><a href="#250" id="line250">     250</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              7 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container251"><a name="251"></a><a href="#251" id="line251">     251</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :             case 'd':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container252"><a name="252"></a><a href="#252" id="line252">     252</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $dateFormatStr = self::DATE_FORMAT_ISO8601; // ISO8601_DATE_FORMAT;                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container253"><a name="253"></a><a href="#253" id="line253">     253</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $dOpt = $this-&gt;extractOption();                                                                            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container254"><a name="254"></a><a href="#254" id="line254">     254</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container255"><a name="255"></a><a href="#255" id="line255">     255</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 if($dOpt !== null)                                                                                         </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container256"><a name="256"></a><a href="#256" id="line256">     256</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                     $dateFormatStr = $dOpt;                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container257"><a name="257"></a><a href="#257" id="line257">     257</a> </span>                :                                                                                                                            
-<span class="lineNum" id="container258"><a name="258"></a><a href="#258" id="line258">     258</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 if($dateFormatStr == 'ISO8601') {                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container259"><a name="259"></a><a href="#259" id="line259">     259</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     $df = self::DATE_FORMAT_ISO8601;                                                                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container260"><a name="260"></a><a href="#260" id="line260">     260</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 } else if($dateFormatStr == 'ABSOLUTE') {                                                                  </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container261"><a name="261"></a><a href="#261" id="line261">     261</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     $df = self::DATE_FORMAT_ABSOLUTE;                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container262"><a name="262"></a><a href="#262" id="line262">     262</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 } else if($dateFormatStr == 'DATE') {                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container263"><a name="263"></a><a href="#263" id="line263">     263</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     $df = self::DATE_FORMAT_DATE;                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container264"><a name="264"></a><a href="#264" id="line264">     264</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 } else {                                                                                                   </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container265"><a name="265"></a><a href="#265" id="line265">     265</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                     $df = $dateFormatStr;                                                                                  </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container266"><a name="266"></a><a href="#266" id="line266">     266</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                     if($df == null) {                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container267"><a name="267"></a><a href="#267" id="line267">     267</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $df = self::DATE_FORMAT_ISO8601;                                                                   </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container268"><a name="268"></a><a href="#268" id="line268">     268</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     }                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container269"><a name="269"></a><a href="#269" id="line269">     269</a> </span>                :                 }                                                                                                          
-<span class="lineNum" id="container270"><a name="270"></a><a href="#270" id="line270">     270</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $pc = new LoggerDatePatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, $df);                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container271"><a name="271"></a><a href="#271" id="line271">     271</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container272"><a name="272"></a><a href="#272" id="line272">     272</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container273"><a name="273"></a><a href="#273" id="line273">     273</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :             case 'F':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container274"><a name="274"></a><a href="#274" id="line274">     274</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $pc = new LoggerLocationPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::FILE_LOCATION_CONVERTER);            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container275"><a name="275"></a><a href="#275" id="line275">     275</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container276"><a name="276"></a><a href="#276" id="line276">     276</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container277"><a name="277"></a><a href="#277" id="line277">     277</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :             case 'l':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container278"><a name="278"></a><a href="#278" id="line278">     278</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 $pc = new LoggerLocationPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::FULL_LOCATION_CONVERTER);            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container279"><a name="279"></a><a href="#279" id="line279">     279</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container280"><a name="280"></a><a href="#280" id="line280">     280</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container281"><a name="281"></a><a href="#281" id="line281">     281</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :             case 'L':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container282"><a name="282"></a><a href="#282" id="line282">     282</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $pc = new LoggerLocationPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::LINE_LOCATION_CONVERTER);            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container283"><a name="283"></a><a href="#283" id="line283">     283</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container284"><a name="284"></a><a href="#284" id="line284">     284</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              9 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container285"><a name="285"></a><a href="#285" id="line285">     285</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :             case 'm':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container286"><a name="286"></a><a href="#286" id="line286">     286</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :                 $pc = new LoggerBasicPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::MESSAGE_CONVERTER);                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container287"><a name="287"></a><a href="#287" id="line287">     287</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container288"><a name="288"></a><a href="#288" id="line288">     288</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             14 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container289"><a name="289"></a><a href="#289" id="line289">     289</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :             case 'M':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container290"><a name="290"></a><a href="#290" id="line290">     290</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 $pc = new LoggerLocationPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::METHOD_LOCATION_CONVERTER);          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container291"><a name="291"></a><a href="#291" id="line291">     291</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container292"><a name="292"></a><a href="#292" id="line292">     292</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container293"><a name="293"></a><a href="#293" id="line293">     293</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :             case 'p':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container294"><a name="294"></a><a href="#294" id="line294">     294</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :                 $pc = new LoggerBasicPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::LEVEL_CONVERTER);                       </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container295"><a name="295"></a><a href="#295" id="line295">     295</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container296"><a name="296"></a><a href="#296" id="line296">     296</a> </span><span class="lineCov">             13 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container297"><a name="297"></a><a href="#297" id="line297">     297</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              7 :             case 'r':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container298"><a name="298"></a><a href="#298" id="line298">     298</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 $pc = new LoggerBasicPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::RELATIVE_TIME_CONVERTER);               </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container299"><a name="299"></a><a href="#299" id="line299">     299</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container300"><a name="300"></a><a href="#300" id="line300">     300</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container301"><a name="301"></a><a href="#301" id="line301">     301</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              7 :             case 't':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container302"><a name="302"></a><a href="#302" id="line302">     302</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              3 :                 $pc = new LoggerBasicPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::THREAD_CONVERTER);                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container303"><a name="303"></a><a href="#303" id="line303">     303</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              3 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container304"><a name="304"></a><a href="#304" id="line304">     304</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              3 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container305"><a name="305"></a><a href="#305" id="line305">     305</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              4 :             case 'u':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container306"><a name="306"></a><a href="#306" id="line306">     306</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 if($this-&gt;i &lt; $this-&gt;patternLength) {                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container307"><a name="307"></a><a href="#307" id="line307">     307</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     $cNext = $this-&gt;pattern{$this-&gt;i};                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container308"><a name="308"></a><a href="#308" id="line308">     308</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     if(ord($cNext) &gt;= ord('0') and ord($cNext) &lt;= ord('9')) {                                              </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container309"><a name="309"></a><a href="#309" id="line309">     309</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $pc = new LoggerUserFieldPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, (string)(ord($cNext) - ord('0')));</span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container310"><a name="310"></a><a href="#310" id="line310">     310</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container311"><a name="311"></a><a href="#311" id="line311">     311</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                         $this-&gt;i++;                                                                                        </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container312"><a name="312"></a><a href="#312" id="line312">     312</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                     }                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container313"><a name="313"></a><a href="#313" id="line313">     313</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 }                                                                                                          </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container314"><a name="314"></a><a href="#314" id="line314">     314</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container315"><a name="315"></a><a href="#315" id="line315">     315</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              4 :             case 'x':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container316"><a name="316"></a><a href="#316" id="line316">     316</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 $pc = new LoggerBasicPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, self::NDC_CONVERTER);                         </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container317"><a name="317"></a><a href="#317" id="line317">     317</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container318"><a name="318"></a><a href="#318" id="line318">     318</a> </span><span class="lineNoCov">              0 :                 break;                                                                                                     </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container319"><a name="319"></a><a href="#319" id="line319">     319</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              4 :             case 'X':                                                                                                      </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container320"><a name="320"></a><a href="#320" id="line320">     320</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              4 :                 $xOpt = $this-&gt;extractOption();                                                                            </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container321"><a name="321"></a><a href="#321" id="line321">     321</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              4 :                 $pc = new LoggerMDCPatternConverter($this-&gt;formattingInfo, $xOpt);                                         </span>
-<span class="lineNum" id="container322"><a name="322"></a><a href="#322" id="line322">     322</a> </span><span class="lineCov">              4 :                 $this-&gt;currentLiteral = '';                                                                                </span>

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