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From "Alex Bozarth" <>
Subject Re: POST /batches failing with "Only local python files are supported"
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 21:34:13 GMT
It sounds like you're passing in a local past and it's being treated as an
HDFS path. Have you tired passing the path in with file:// at the front
(similar to hdfs://) that tells hdfs that the path is local, I've run into
this issue with Spark before.

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From:	"Partridge, Lucas (GE Aviation)" <>
To:	""
Date:	11/02/2017 07:14 AM
Subject:	POST /batches failing with "Only local python files are

I want to use Livy (0.3) to run a Python file that I’ve placed in HDFS.
I’m invoking POST /batches from a Java REST client, passing in the path to
the HDFS file as the ‘file’ argument of the POST request’s body (
The value I’m providing for ‘file’ is "/user/MyUserName/".

The POST response says the batch is in state ‘starting’ but when I query it
using GET /batches/{batchId} I see this:

Error: Only local python files are supported:

You can see the value has been altered from what I provided. How do I
successfully invoke the Python file please?

(I see someone raised a similar problem at
 but it’s not clear if or how they solved it.)

Thanks, Lucas.

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