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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [libcloud] vdloo opened a new pull request #1362: openstack driver can create node from bootable vol
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2019 11:59:47 GMT
vdloo opened a new pull request #1362: openstack driver can create node from bootable vol
   Currently it is not possible to use the create_node method without
   specifying an image. This is because in the OpenStack_1_1_NodeDriver
   create_node converts the server_params like:
   server_params = self._create_args_to_params(None, **kwargs)
   but in case when there is no image to boot from like when you are
   booting from an already existing bootable volume (which could have been
   created from an image earlier), then _create_args_to_params will try to
   access node.extra in order to get the imageRef, and node is None:
           if 'image' in kwargs:
               server_params['imageRef'] = kwargs.get('image').id
               server_params['imageRef'] = node.extra.get('imageId')
   Booting an instance from a previously existing bootable volume like this
   would fail:
   In [36]: conn.create_node(ex_availability_zone='R123', port='8487d948-0840-4205-8b31-7f705a19e7f4',
name='r123apitestnode', ex_keyname
       ...: ='rick', size='e55a2688-ef74-44cf-b302-9a6f960c3d74', ex_blockdevicemappings=[{'boot_index':
0, 'uuid': 'be7ee330-b454-4414-8
       ...: e9f-c70c558dd3af', 'source_type': 'volume', 'destination_type': 'volume', 'delete_on_termination':
in _create_args_to_params(self, node, **kwargs)
      1495             server_params['imageRef'] = kwargs.get('image').id
      1496         else:
   -> 1497             server_params['imageRef'] = node.extra.get('imageId')
      1499         if 'size' in kwargs:
   AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'extra'
   This could be circumvented by specifying `image=''`:
   In [39]: conn.create_node(ex_availability_zone='R123', port='8487d948-0840-4205-8b31-7f705a19e7f4',
image='', name='r123apitestnode',
       ...: ex_keyname='rick', size='e55a2688-ef74-44cf-b302-9a6f960c3d74', ex_blockdevicemappings=[{'boot_index':
0, 'uuid': 'be7ee330-b
       ...: 454-4414-8e9f-c70c558dd3af', 'source_type': 'volume', 'destination_type': 'volume',
'delete_on_termination': False}])
   This PR also changes the default imageRef to empty string '' instead of None to prevent
the API from responding with an error like this when the .get would default to None so that
`image=''` will now no longer have to be specified.
   BaseHTTPError: 400 Bad Request Invalid input for field/attribute imageRef. Value: None.
u'None' is not valid under any of the given schemas
   For more information see
   > imageRef (Optional) | body | string | The UUID of the image to use for your server
instance. This is not required in case of boot from volume. In all other cases it is required
and must be a valid UUID otherwise API will return 400.

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