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Subject [2/2] libcloud git commit: docs for 2.0
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2017 05:12:40 GMT
docs for 2.0


Branch: refs/heads/trunk
Commit: 7234a29b05de1bd05cd6f98f6ace07a148b921f8
Parents: 72d456f
Author: Anthony Shaw <>
Authored: Fri Jan 13 15:56:25 2017 +1100
Committer: Anthony Shaw <>
Committed: Fri Jan 13 15:56:25 2017 +1100

 docs/other/changes_in_2_0.rst   | 131 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 docs/other/using-http-proxy.rst |   4 +-
 2 files changed, 133 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --git a/docs/other/changes_in_2_0.rst b/docs/other/changes_in_2_0.rst
index e69de29..2eccbe2 100644
--- a/docs/other/changes_in_2_0.rst
+++ b/docs/other/changes_in_2_0.rst
@@ -0,0 +1,131 @@
+Changes in Apache Libcloud v2.0.0RC1
+Replacement of urllib with `requests`
+Apache Libcloud supports Python 2.6, 2.7 - 3.3 and beyond. To achieve this a package was
written within the
+Libcloud library to create a generic HTTP client for Python 2 and 3. This package has a custom
implementation of a certificate store, searching and TLS preference configuration. One of
the first errors to greet new users of Libcloud would be "No CA Certificates were found in
+In 2.0.0RC1 this implementation has been replaced with the `requests` package, and SSL verification
should work against any publically signed HTTPS endpoint by default, without having to provide
a CA cert store.
+Other changes include:
+* Enabling HTTP redirects
+* Allowing both global and driver-specific HTTP proxy configuration
+* Consolidation of the LibcloudHTTPSConnection and LibcloudHTTPConnection into a single class,
+* Support for streaming responses
+* Support for mocking HTTP responses without having to mock the Connection class
+* 10% typical performance improvement with the use of persistent TCP connections for each
driver instance
+* Access to the low-level TCP session is no longer available. Access to .read() on a raw
connection will bind around `requests` body or iter_content methods.
+Allow redirects is enabled by default
+HTTP redirects are allowed by default in 2.0.0RC1. To disable redirects, set this global
variable to False.
+.. code-block:: Python
+    import libcloud.httplib_ssl
+    libcloud.httplib_ssl.ALLOW_REDIRECTS = False
+Enabling a HTTP/HTTPS proxy is still supported and accessed via the driver's connection property
or via the 'http_proxy' environment variable. Applying it to a driver will set the proxy for
that driver only, using the environment
+variable will make a global change.
+.. code-block:: Python
+  # option 1
+  import os
+  os.environ.get('http_proxy', 'http://localhost:8888/')
+  # option 2
+  driver.connection.connection.set_http_proxy(proxy_url='http://localhost:8888')
+Adding support for Python 3.6 and deprecation of Python 3.2
+In Apache Libcloud 2.0.0RC1, Python 3.6 is `now supported <>`_
as a primary distribution.
+Python 3.2 support has been dropped in this release and users should either upgrade to 3.3
or a newer version of Python.
+SSL CA certificates are now bundled with the package
+In Apache Libcloud 2.0.0RC1, the `Mozilla Trusted Root Store <>`_
is bundled with the package, as part of the `requests` package bundle.
+This means that users no longer have to set the path to a CA file either via installing the
certifi package, downloading a PEM file or providing a directory in an environment variable.
+All connections in Libcloud will assume HTTPS by default, now with 2.0.0, if those HTTPS
endpoints have a signed certificate with a trusted CA authority, they will work with Libcloud
by default.
+Providing a custom client-side certificate, for example for a development server or a HTTPS
proxy is still supported given providing a value to ``.
+This code example would set a HTTP/HTTPS proxy and use a client-generated certificate to
+.. code-block:: Python
+  import os
+  os.environ.set('http_proxy', 'http://localhost:8888/')
+  import
+ = True
+ = '/Users/anthonyshaw/charles.pem'
+Providing a list of CA trusts is no longer supported
+In Apache Libcloud 2.0.0 if you provide a list of more than 1 path or certificate file in
`` you will receive a warning and only the first path will
be used. This path should be to a .cert or .pem file.
+The environment variable REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE can be used to access the requests library's
list of trusted CAs.
+Performance improvements and introduction of sessions
+Each instance of libcloud.common.base.Connection will have a LibcloudConnection instance
under the `connection` property. In 1.5.0<, there would be 2 connection
+class instances, LibcloudHttpConnection and LibcloudHttpsConnection, stored as an instance
property `conn_classes`. In 2.0.0 this has been replaced with a single type,
+:class:`libcloud.common.base.LibcloudHTTPConnection` that handles both HTTP and HTTPS connections.

+.. code-block:: Python
+  def test():
+      import libcloud
+      import libcloud.compute.providers
+      d = libcloud.get_driver(libcloud.DriverType.COMPUTE, libcloud.DriverType.COMPUTE.DIMENSIONDATA)
+      instance = d('anthony', 'mypassword!', 'dd-au')
+      instance.list_nodes() # is paged
+      instance.list_images() # is paged
+  if __name__ == '__main__':
+      import timeit
+      print(timeit.timeit("test()", setup="from __main__ import test", number=5))
+This simple test shows a 10% performance improvement between Libcloud 1.5.0 and 2.0.0RC1.
+Changes to the storage API
+Support for Buffered IO Streams
+The methods `upload_object_via_stream` now supports `file` objects, `BytesIO`, `StringIO`
and generators as the iterator.
+.. code-block:: Python
+    with open('my_file_to_upload', 'rb') as iterator:
+        obj = driver.upload_object_via_stream(iterator=iterator,
+                                          container=containers[0],
+                                          object_name='me.jpg',
+                                          extra=extra)
+Other minor changes
+- :class:`libcloud.common.base.Connection` will now use `urljoin` to combine the `request_path`
and `method` URLs. This means that the URL action will always have a leading slash.
+- The underlying connection classes do not assume HTTP if a non-standard port is used. They
will use the preference set in the `secure` flag to the initializer of `Connection`.
+- The storage download_object_as_stream method no longer buffers out file streams twice.
diff --git a/docs/other/using-http-proxy.rst b/docs/other/using-http-proxy.rst
index 7b9d7ce..1a8699a 100644
--- a/docs/other/using-http-proxy.rst
+++ b/docs/other/using-http-proxy.rst
@@ -22,9 +22,9 @@ below:
 * By setting ``http_proxy`` environment variable (this setting is system /
   process wide)
 * By passing ``http_proxy`` argument to the
-  :class:`libcloud.common.base.LibcloudHTTPConnection` class constructor (this
+  :class:`libcloud.common.base.LibcloudConnection` class constructor (this
   setting is local to the connection instance)
-* By calling :meth:`libcloud.common.base.LibcloudHTTPConnection.set_http_proxy`
+* By calling :meth:`libcloud.common.base.LibcloudConnection.set_http_proxy`
   method (this setting is local to the connection instance)
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