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Subject svn commit: r1724567 - /libcloud/site/trunk/source/_posts/
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2016 09:54:11 GMT
Author: tomaz
Date: Thu Jan 14 09:54:10 2016
New Revision: 1724567

Add new post.


Added: libcloud/site/trunk/source/_posts/
--- libcloud/site/trunk/source/_posts/ (added)
+++ libcloud/site/trunk/source/_posts/ Thu Jan 14 09:54:10
@@ -0,0 +1,61 @@
+layout: post
+title: Notice to Linode users
+author: Tomaz Muraus
+  - news
+  - linode
+This is a short announcement for anyone who is using Libcloud to talk to the
+Linode API who might have started experiencing issues recently.
+## Background
+A couple of Libcloud users have reported that they have recently started
+experiencing issues when talking to the Linode API using Libcloud. They have
+received messages similar to the one shown below.
+socket.error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer
+It turns out that the issue is related to the used TLS version. For
+compatibility reasons (Libcloud also supports older Python versions), Libcloud
+uses TLS v1.0 by default.
+After experiencing DDoS attacks, Linode recently dropped support for TLS v1.0
+and it now only support TLS v1.1. This means Libcloud won't work out of the box
+## Solution
+If you are experiencing this issue, you should update your code to use TLS v1.1
+as shown below.
+    import ssl
+    import
+ = ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1_1
+    # Instantiate and work with the Linode driver here...
+Keep in mind that for this to work you need to have a recent version of OpenSSL
+installed on your system and you need to use Python >= 3.4 or Python 2.7.9.
+For more details please see recently updated [documentation][3]. If you have
+are still experiencing issues or have any questions, please feel free to reach
+us via the mailing list or IRC.
+Note: Even if you are not experiencing any issues, it's generally a good idea
+to use the latest version of TLS supported by your system and the provider you
+### Thanks
+Special thanks to Jacob Riley, Steve V, Heath Naylor and everyone from
+[LIBCLOUD-791][2] who helped debug and track down the root cause of this issue.

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