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From Jeremy Whitlock <>
Subject [libcloud] [RFC] libvirt support
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 19:15:30 GMT
Hello all,
	I have a need for managing "local clouds" and I was hoping to add support to libcloud for
such a thing, since I'm already using it for remote/private cloud management.  When I brought
this up in IRC, someone mentioned the idea of creating a libvirt ( driver
for libcloud.  That being said, I've created a GitHub fork for that purpose (
 I have committed only one revision at this time but it does add partial libvirt support such
that you can connect to any of the supported libvirt hypervisors, although I've only tested
VirtualBox, and list nodes with node information.  As the effort stands right now, once you
successfully create a LibvirtNodeDriver (LND), you can perform the following:

* LND.list_nodes()
* LND.destroy_node(Node)
* LND.reboot_node(Node)

For an example in action:

>>> from libcloud.compute.drivers import virtlib
>>> d = virtlib.LibvirtNodeDriver('vbox')
>>> d.list_nodes()
[<Node: uuid=c11d579a204f0c41102bd2fde52ea4364856ff30, name=Ubuntu, state=2, public_ip=None,
provider=Libvirt Node Provider (VirtualBox) ...>, <Node: uuid=a79ecb055026d19949dee544e532e5ca87a8f75c,
name=Fedora, state=2, public_ip=None, 
provider=Libvirt Node Provider (VirtualBox) ...>]
>>> nodes = d.list_nodes()
>>> nodes[0].extra
{'os_type': 'hvm', 'ram': 1024L, 'cpus': 1, 'snapshot_names': ['Initial Working State']}
>>> nodes[0].name
>>> nodes[0].id

So given the list of functions implemented above, there are a few others that need implementing
to finish libvirt's initial support:

* LND.create_node()
* LND.deploy_node() (I'm not sure this one is something that I plan on doing initially.)
* Constants for making the API easier to use and more intuitive
* Helper functions for getting Libvirt/driver information
* Helper functions for easing the interaction with libvirt

That being said, when I started working on the create_node function, I ran into a problem
where function signatures that libcloud publishes/expects no longer make sense in the libvirt
world.  In libvirt, there is no notion of images, locations and sizes.  In libvirt, you create
an XML document and that is what describes the new guest/node and its "pieces" (
 (I do have an idea about locations where it could list the currently available hypervisors
that libvirt was compiled with support for but the other things do not really lend themselves
to be done.)

The purpose of this email is really two fold:

1) Show my current work so others can critique/test
2) Explain the problems I'm facing with finishing this up

All of this being said, let's talk about the feasibility of libvirt support being in libcloud
and if it's feasible, how might I be able to get past the initial problem of describing guests/nodes
in a way that libvirt needs without completely diverting from the libcloud API.

Take care,

Jeremy Whitlock <>
Twitter: jcscoobyrs

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