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From Joe Miller <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] [RFC] libvirt support
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 19:43:18 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

I'm coming at this with very little context since I've never used libvirt,
but your problem sounds similar to other situations that I have seen come

You could implement list_images(), list_sizes(), and list_locations() as
functions that simply return some statically defined NodeImage, NodeSize,
and Location objects.   Those could then be passed into create_node().

for example, maybe you pick a few sizes and statically define them, such as:
 small, medium, large.   Or, maybe you could copy the amazon sizes.  This
came up on irc recently.  In the future maybe users could specify their own
sizes with yaml files or similar.

I imagine creating static NodeImage objects would be a little trickier since
each user may have different images available on their libvirt-managed

Here are some examples of what I mean.

The IBM driver fakes list_nodes():

The linode driver fakes list_nodes() as well, and it looks like it uses
drive sizes to construct 'images'.

On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 12:15 PM, Jeremy Whitlock <>wrote:

> Hello all,
>        I have a need for managing "local clouds" and I was hoping to add
> support to libcloud for such a thing, since I'm already using it for
> remote/private cloud management.  When I brought this up in IRC, someone
> mentioned the idea of creating a libvirt ( driver for
> libcloud.  That being said, I've created a GitHub fork for that purpose (
>  I have committed only one
> revision at this time but it does add partial libvirt support such that you
> can connect to any of the supported libvirt hypervisors, although I've only
> tested VirtualBox, and list nodes with node information.  As the effort
> stands right now, once you successfully create a LibvirtNodeDriver (LND),
> you can perform the following:
> * LND.list_nodes()
> * LND.destroy_node(Node)
> * LND.reboot_node(Node)
> For an example in action:
> >>> from libcloud.compute.drivers import virtlib
> >>> d = virtlib.LibvirtNodeDriver('vbox')
> >>> d.list_nodes()
> [<Node: uuid=c11d579a204f0c41102bd2fde52ea4364856ff30, name=Ubuntu,
> state=2, public_ip=None, provider=Libvirt Node Provider (VirtualBox) ...>,
> <Node: uuid=a79ecb055026d19949dee544e532e5ca87a8f75c, name=Fedora, state=2,
> public_ip=None,
> provider=Libvirt Node Provider (VirtualBox) ...>]
> >>> nodes = d.list_nodes()
> >>> nodes[0].extra
> {'os_type': 'hvm', 'ram': 1024L, 'cpus': 1, 'snapshot_names': ['Initial
> Working State']}
> >>> nodes[0].name
> 'Ubuntu'
> >>> nodes[0].id
> '387ea2e2-997c-46a0-9d07-e183d6a1dda1'
> So given the list of functions implemented above, there are a few others
> that need implementing to finish libvirt's initial support:
> * LND.create_node()
> * LND.deploy_node() (I'm not sure this one is something that I plan on
> doing initially.)
> * Constants for making the API easier to use and more intuitive
> * Helper functions for getting Libvirt/driver information
> * Helper functions for easing the interaction with libvirt
> That being said, when I started working on the create_node function, I ran
> into a problem where function signatures that libcloud publishes/expects no
> longer make sense in the libvirt world.  In libvirt, there is no notion of
> images, locations and sizes.  In libvirt, you create an XML document and
> that is what describes the new guest/node and its "pieces" (
>  (I do have an idea about locations where
> it could list the currently available hypervisors that libvirt was compiled
> with support for but the other things do not really lend themselves to be
> done.)
> The purpose of this email is really two fold:
> 1) Show my current work so others can critique/test
> 2) Explain the problems I'm facing with finishing this up
> All of this being said, let's talk about the feasibility of libvirt support
> being in libcloud and if it's feasible, how might I be able to get past the
> initial problem of describing guests/nodes in a way that libvirt needs
> without completely diverting from the libcloud API.
> Take care,
> Jeremy Whitlock <>
> Twitter: jcscoobyrs
> Website:

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