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From Roman Bogorodskiy <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] Load Balancers support
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2011 16:34:17 GMT
  Tom Davis wrote:

> I agree with Paul—something that only supports a couple providers probably shouldn't
be a top-level module.

I think Paul had the opposite opinion.

Anyways, currently it's under ''. I don't think that it's
_that_ important to spend a lot of time discussing this (as it sounds
like a bikeshed color issue[1]). So I'd prefer to leave things as is
unless somebody has a strong reason against that.

> Also, I don't understand why it's called "lb"; it's completely non-descriptive and not
even a common acronym.

What's the common acronym? points to
'Load Balancing' in 'Science and Computing' section which makes me
think that it's more or less common.

I've though about other options. 'loadbalancers' is too long and too
much to type. 'balance' (the verb, like 'compute') and 'balancing'
(noun, like 'storage') doesn't give enough context to what we're

Do you have an idea of a better name?


Roman Bogorodskiy

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