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From Jed Smith <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] libcloud roadmap and plans for the future
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2011 03:57:03 GMT
At the risk of sounding dense, how does asynchronous benefit the
library as a whole? It seems like a (potential) benefit for storage,
but not compute.

Almost every use case on the compute side is, by nature, blocking.
Create a node, delete a node, list nodes - the calling application or
library is going to wait on these. On the other hand, there is a
benefit to the storage side in that the calling app can put a file
asynchronously. Am I reading this correctly, or is there something I'm

I think in this case implementing asynchronous behavior is going to be
important to a subset of users. Right now, storage isn't finished, so
it poses no benefit to current use cases, does it? Are there a bunch
of cases where a transition to a callback model would benefit the
calling app? Would it be more effective for the calling application to
wrap libcloud in an asynchronous framework if it so desires

I'm just not seeing the benefit, that's all.

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