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From Tom Davis <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] libcloud roadmap and plans for the future
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2011 05:56:40 GMT
On Feb 6, 2011, at 10:58 PM, Jerry Chen <> wrote:

> On Feb 6, 2011, at 9:57 PM, Jed Smith wrote:
>> At the risk of sounding dense, how does asynchronous benefit the
>> library as a whole? It seems like a (potential) benefit for storage,
>> but not compute.
>> Almost every use case on the compute side is, by nature, blocking.
>> Create a node, delete a node, list nodes - the calling application or
>> library is going to wait on these. On the other hand, there is a
>> benefit to the storage side in that the calling app can put a file
>> asynchronously. Am I reading this correctly, or is there something I'm
>> missing?
>> I think in this case implementing asynchronous behavior is going to be
>> important to a subset of users. Right now, storage isn't finished, so
>> it poses no benefit to current use cases, does it? Are there a bunch
>> of cases where a transition to a callback model would benefit the
>> calling app? Would it be more effective for the calling application to
>> wrap libcloud in an asynchronous framework if it so desires
>> I'm just not seeing the benefit, that's all.
> I don't think we need async capabilities in Libcloud either.

I was more trying to argue *against* reimplementing libcloud in node.js than *for* a port
of the library. For most of the node-related stuff it's not enough to simply callback on a
response anyway; in many cases you'd need to keep checking the node status until it is up,
ensure consistency, etc. To actually be useful it'd require far more than a simple asyncore
http client.

Anyway, I'm rather out of my element having not taken in the full state of the project recently;
my spidey sense started tingling with talk of brand new networking engines just for libcloud,
language ports, and so on—I had to throw my hat into the "overkill" ring on that.



> Cheers,
> Jerry

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