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From Miquel Torres <>
Subject [libcloud] Re: Announcing Overmind
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 14:46:34 GMT
Hi Dan,

I want to explicitly thank Cloudkick for taking the decision to
release the libcloud code. Thank you!

As for collaborating/contributing, anyone interested in more libcloud
drivers getting support in Overmind, that is a good and easy way to
start helping us. It is explained here in detail:


> Miquel,
>Looks awesome.  I'll keep an eye on this project.  The roadmap looks pretty
> ambitious as well!

2010/10/14 Miquel Torres <>:
>> I am pleased to present Overmind, a new open source server management
>> project that leverages libcloud.
>> The last two years have brought many changes to the devops world. The
>> advent of Configuration Management systems, with Puppet and Chef as
>> the main contenders, has brought a host of apps that excel at
>> specialized taks like server provisioning, app deployment, and more.
>> But somehow the myriad of efforts are not benefiting each other,
>> because they serve particular cases, like Rails or Django app
>> deployment, for example.
> With Overmind we aim to change this. By providing an integrated front
> end to all your servers, completely provider independent, and
> hopefully in the near future configuration management in a vendor
> agnostic way by plugging in Chef, kokki, or any CMS, and later even
> monitoring, it has the potential to be the basis on which every
> organization can build its IT infrastructure, hooking in whatever
> software they want to use to administer their servers.
> Two months ago, I devised a roadmap to get to a complete lifecycle
> solution. We have now completed the first milestone.
> The current features are centered around a unified front-end for
> clouds, custom server providers and dedicated hardware:
> - Basic Web UI
> - EC2 and Rackspace server provisioning. All libcloud drivers will be
> supported as soon as there is some testing
> - Provider plugins. Custom providers can be integrated into Overmind.
> The “Dedicated Hardware” plugin allows to import any server by
> specifying its IP
> - REST API for providers and nodes
> - Authentication with three user roles
> It is implemented on top of Django and libcloud (see
> for more details)
> While it is in a very early stage, it is perfectly usable, and should
> serve as a demonstration of what can be achieved with this approach.
> Thanks go to all libcloud contributors for making this much easier
> than it would otherwise have been. We hope that Overmind also benefits
> libcloud. In fact, it already has, as Grig has already committed a
> patch to be able to create keypairs for EC2.
> For the second milestone the priorities will be to add configuration
> management and implement a nicer UI (see
> for some ideas we have)
> Contributors are welcome!
> You can download Overmind 0.1 from
> Regards,
> Miquel Torres

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