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From Eric Woods <>
Subject [libcloud] Proposal to Update Libcloud Hompage
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2010 23:38:14 GMT
Hi fellow libcloud-ers,

A lot of great progress has been made on the Java branch of Apache libcloud.  We now have
six complete libcloud drivers from three different providers (IBM, Amazon, and Rackspace)
and two complete storage adapters (Amazon S3 and Nirvanix).  Rackspace has also expressed
interest in writing an adapter for Cloud Files.  The SimpleCloud foundation and integration
piece has gone very well; it really just plugs into libcloud's existing design patterns. 
Overall, the project has really taken shape.

I propose that we recognize this maturing state in both the website and in the repository.
 I've drafted a revised homepage with additional charts to present Java's current support,
much like what exists for python today.  I've uploaded a snapshot of the proposal to JIRA:
 I'd also be willing to tweak the site where applicable to indicate Java's support.  Thoughts?

Additionally, the Java trunk is currently in the sandbox directory.  I propose we move this
to a more permanent directory to indicate a more mature and credible state.  I'm considering
a /java/ folder at the same level as trunk.

I'm also working on getting a quote from an IBM executive speaking to the awesomeness of libcloud
:)  Perhaps something to display with the other testimonials?

Eric W.
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