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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] Alternative Languages for Libcloud
Date Fri, 21 May 2010 01:29:08 GMT

I'm new here.

> I believe there are two real questions to answer, about any Language X
> project for libcloud.
> 1) Are there enough people to form a cohesive community for
> development and maintenance for a libcloud port to Language X?

Community in the wider sense or in an Apache only sense?

> 2) Ideally, can language X reuse implementations or entire parts of
> the existing code from libcloud to make it easier to develop and
> maintain?

The fact that libcloud currently is written in python allows an easy
port to other similar languages (I am personally interested in
developing ruby, clojure and erlang versions of libcloud).  If the
project is resrtuctured to use a JVM, then the current code base could
run in the context of the javax.scripting environment (which should
allow full reuse of the code) and would allow a Java implementation to
be developed quite quickly

> I am happy to consider other questions, but fundamentally, for any
> Apache project, the first question is the only one that matters -- are
> there enough people interested in a project to review the code, vote
> on the releases, and build a strong community around the code.  If
> there is only 1 person, then the project should just go to Google Code
> or Github, and thats fine, thats just how many open source projects
> are -- Apache is about building a community around the code, it
> doesn't really matter what the code is, where it comes from, who wrote
> it, or even if there is another 'competitor' within Apache, or in the
> wider open source world.

I think there's value in having libcloud be a modular library with
separate language bindings - the fact that there may be only one
active developer writing the fortran binding, is irrelevant to me,
it's the community surrounding the lib, not the community surrounding
the language binding to the lib - does that make sense?


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