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From Paul Querna <>
Subject [libcloud] location sensitive APIs
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 08:28:56 GMT
If you have been following trunk, I have added list_locations to the
NodeDriver, and added support for all of our current providers[1].
Most providers only have one location, Linode has multiple, EC2 has 3,
but we need to change a few things to expose that more transparently.
** Ignore EC2 for a little bit, until later on in this email **

One thing we don't have right now is a way to get location sensitive
NodeSize, which includes the price.   For example, both EC2 and
RimuHosting both vary the price of a node by the location.

It seems that list_sizes should have an optional location kwarg.  If
absent, a provider should:
  - List all sizes, across all locations? (implies adding Location
attribute to NodeSize)
  - Pick one 'main' location, list sizes for it?
  - Explode? (aka, its a required kwarg)

** On EC2:

EC2 also has different image storage for each location, so list_images
can be different between locations.  EC2 though also has completely
separate endpoint URLs for each location, (us-west, us-east, eu-west).
  Currently we make you have one NodeDriver for each EC2 Region, but
it seems like we should just have one EC2 NodeDriver which
transparently queries the right region -- this is how our Linode
driver and I expect the RimuHosting driver will behave.   WDYT?



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