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From Daniel Brüßler <m...@danielbruessler.de>
Subject Re: Lenya blank page - servlet2.2 /2.3 conflict?
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2010 10:41:44 GMT
Hello Florent,
> Hi,
> Really strange problem you have ! :)
yes, indeed!
> Has sometimes eclipse embedded his own jre and as it's possible to
> define java version for compil and exe in eclipse, I suspect a problem
> with your operating system jre...
I can't find the error in the OS, because Cocoon is running properly and
I can't find the problem in the JRE, because I'm using the same JDK/JRE
for Eclipse to run and build.

I got one idea:
When I compiled Cocoon and Lenya as two projects in eclipse I had the
problem that servlet2.2 is shipped with Cocoon, that had a build problem
in the Lenya project.

So when the ./lenya.sh script does include the servlet 2.2 library
(because it's in externals/cocoon_2_1_x/lib/core !) AND servlet2.3 this
is clearly a problem. Can this be the reason? (So the problem is in one
of the ant-scripts)


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