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From Brijesh <brijesh.mis...@techblue.co.uk>
Subject Authentication problem in Lenya
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 15:05:55 GMT
Hello All,

I have created a login form which authenticate the user. In this form I 
have used lenya's own authentication.
I have created group and user in lenya cms and used java file as a 
action for authentication,
just like this

<map:action name="authenticator" 
src="org.apache.lenya.cms.cocoon.acting.DelegatingAuthenticatorAction"    logger="lenya.sitemap.action.authenticator"/>

and the login sitemap is

<map:match pattern="checklogin.html">
<map:act type="authenticator">
<map:redirect-to uri="userform.html?status=true" session="true"/>
<map:redirect-to uri="login.html?status=failed"/>

       The Version of Lenya is 2.0 and I am using jetty.


i> according to the sitemap if authentication is true or false than it 
redirect  userform.html or login.html respectively, but it does not 
change the url . It always shows
      checklogin.html on the url.

ii> Whenever we login with correct username and password at the first 
time than userform is opened, but after than we use wrong username and 
password than it is also opened and also vice-versa.

Please Suggest me



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