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From Andreas Hartmann <andr...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Connecting Database !
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 14:53:29 GMT
Hi Krishna,

please refrain from cross-posting to the Cocoon list.

Krishna Thokala schrieb:
> I want to store the content in backend(oracle) through lenya,is it 
> possible to make a connection to backends from lenya?
> if possible ,How can I achieve this ?

I'll answer your questions on the Cocoon list here:

 > Without database back-ends how can I store bunch of
 > content(docs,images like that) ?

All data are stored in files.

 > is it stores content in the format of flat files only ?


 > if lenya stores content in the format of flat files means it reqires
 > more space on server.

Are you referring to Oracle's data compression? What amounts of 
documents are you planning to manage, if you consider disk space an issue?

 > It impacts on server performance.

This statement can't be generalized. For many typical CMS usage 
scenarios, the Lucene index provides a very good performance. Since the 
Lenya repository model is document-based (as opposed to relational), an 
RDBMS would not necessarily lead to a better performance. It could make 
sense for metadata queries, but Lucene is also very powerful and 
flexible in this area.

-- Andreas

Andreas Hartmann, CTO
BeCompany GmbH
Tel.: +41 (0) 43 818 57 01

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