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From Dan Stromberg <dstrombergli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Redirect a Lenya page to another URL
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 18:18:19 GMT
On Wed, 16 Jul 2008 22:37:40 +0200, Andreas Hartmann wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> Dan Stromberg schrieb:
>> What is a good (hopefully simple) way of redirecting a lenya page to
>> another page outside of lenya?
> there are basically two approaches:
> 1. Create a "redirect" resource type (maybe we should add this to the
> repo since it seems to be a common usage scenario). This is quite
> straightforward. The source could look for instance like this:
>    <redirect xmlns="…" uri="http://www.foo.com"/>
> You can edit the document with the source editor or write a simple
> usecase to change the uri attribute. An XSLT transforms the source into
> a <meta http-equiv="refresh"/> element.

Thanks Andreas, but I'm afraid I don't know enough Lenya to get this done 
based on what you've written.  I tried augmenting what you've written 
with some google'ing, but I'm still not clear on what needs to be done.  
I know you're under no obligation to walk me through this, but I do hope 
you'll take a moment to do so - it'd save me a lot of time.

Could someone please tell me like I'm a 2 year old, what steps I need to 
take to forward a URL with Lenya using the source editor (not a use 
case)?  Interesting as Lenya is, I don't think becoming a Lenya expert is 
in my future - my employer's moving to something else.

What does it mean to create a redirect resource type?  How is it 

Where in the source editor does the <redirect... go?

What's a suitable xmlns for redirecting from a Lenya (HTML) page to a non-
Lenya HTML page?

Thanks so much if someone has the time to spell this out.  FWIW, it'd 
probably make a really good FAQ question, so if it's written up 
thoroughly once it should get easier (less repetitive) from there.  I'd 
be willing to summarize what I learn for the FAQ.

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