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From "Pankaj Mandaliya" <pankajmandal...@gmail.com>
Subject Lenya customization - split main region area into two
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 10:28:00 GMT
Hi All,

I am new to lenya and XML world, but comfortable in Java.

Just recently, I have started exploring Lenya. Initially I found it a bit
difficult, but after going through online demo on Apache lenya site, I
started feeling comfortable somewhat.
Still technically, it is somewhat difficult. I need some guidance/help from
you who can help me in customizing the layouts.

In Lenya, we have the main body region, where we create XHTML document in
authoring mode and create articles. I want to create article which contains
a link, and clicking on this link, that article should be divided into two
separate parts. Here left part will still contain original document, and the
right part will contain the article referenced by left side document.

If in my article, there are some difficult words, which requires some
explanation, then instead of redirecting user to another page for that
word-reference-link, I want to present that information on the same page, by
splitting the original page into two and word reference information on the
right side. And I want my user to build such pages and create
word-reference-link like this.

I understand a bit of Cocoon architecture, and think that it should be
possible by using some kind of Transformer. Can you provide me reference to
such article or provide some guideline for achieving this.

I have download Lenya 2.0 and installed on local machine. Still I am getting
some error. It says contact System administrator, but does not give me
detail of the error. Even not available in the log4j log file. Which version
is currently stable for Lenya?

I am all ears to learn about Lenya!


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