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From Joseph <joseph.r.hamil...@gmail.com>
Subject Tutorial Assistance
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2008 18:22:10 GMT
I'm progressing through the tutorials.  I'm primarily using Lenya 2.0.1 
at the moment for this.

I'm using Tomcat 6 and Eclipse to build and deploy.

I have found some strange behavior.  I've created a "First" publication 
as per the "Create a Publication" tutorial.  And I've imported materials 
for the standard Default publication.

1) Problems with One-Form Editor

When attempting to implement the "Create a Resource Type" tutorial, I 
find that the One-Form Editor doesn't work.  This is the case in both 
the First and Default publications.  In both publications, the editor 
comes up with the data for the Person example.  However, upon attempted 
Save, an error is thrown up that says "Involved objects are checked 
out".  The really bad thing about this is there's no way to recover.  
Only a "Cancel" button is provided which seems to do no more than 
refresh.  If you Back out, you cannot edit with anything because it is 
indeed checked out.  You can switch to Site to force check-in or refresh 
to Force Check-In.  Looking into the code and setting breakpoints, it 
seems the session is somehow switched to a non-modifiable session 
somewhere along the way.  Checking the One-Form Editor on XHTML 
elsewhere in the Default publication shows the same behavior.  
Furthermore, it really seems goofy to be asked if I'm sure if I want to 
check it back in since I'm logged in.  I imagine to Lenya the session 
IDs involved are unique.  But the username is the same for both.  So 
when logged in as "admin", it's just silly to be asked if you're sure 
you want to check-in since "admin" is still logged in.

However, sometimes (and I've not determined when/why) Save will "work" 
in that it will revert you to the editor with no changes recorded.  But 
again there is no way out.  Neither Save nor Cancel will ever take you 
back.  Is it supposed to work this way?

BXE works with the Person module (well... in Default.  Still 
investigating what the tutorial failed to mention that may be required 
to get it to work in First.)

Is there something simple missing here?

2) Problems with login

Next, in the First publication it appears I often am directed to login 
again when accessing anything past the top-level Home page.  That is, I 
"Login for authoring", get the Home Page, attempt to access anything 
(including a simple refresh) and I must login once more.  The second 
time sticks.  This doesn't happen with the Default publication but I've 
not yet determined what may be awry with First.  Any ideas?

But it gets even more interesting.  The tutorial (at present) suggests 
building First with no modules or resource-types.  I'm not certain you 
can really progress through the tutorials  as such.   There is Default 
with its configuration.  But one must wonder what minimal configuration 
is required for the tutorials.  These are supposed to be modular, 
right?  Note to self: for true pub-to-pub inheritance, remember to copy 
these things since they're not inherited.

Well, when I add the "usecase" module the relogin behavior goes away.  
Whew!  But if I add the "homepage" resource-type, the relogin behavior 
appears again.  Hmm...  So if I stick in the complete set of the Default 
pub, I still have this issue where I don't with Default?  What's still 
different?  Well... access-control and policies.  But I have an 
interesting challenge here.  Per the tutorial for First, I set up this 
to use a separate directory for the policy-manager.  I didn't touch 
Default.  But as per the tutorial, I set up the authorizer to 
aggregate-fallback to Default.  Hmm... does this make sense?  It's sort 
of OK since we're defining the same roles and such.  But something is 
lacking.  And I'm trying to imagine this in the real world.  I imagine 
this is just an oddity of the tutorial suggesting how to set this up for 
First but inheriting some stuff from Default via aggregate-fallback.

If I switch (first/config/access-control) to use Default's 
accreditable-manager and policy-manager (grabbing its authorizer via 
aggregate-fallback), this relogin thing goes away.  Plus BXE now works 
in First.  Doesn't fix One-Form Editor, but I already mentioned that is 
broken in Default as well.

OK.  I can continue experimenting here, isolate what's required for BXE 
and try to determine what's behind the relogin behavior.  But any quick 
pointers from those more familiar with this would be greatly appreciated.

If docs are frozen, I cannot tell if anyone is updating the tutorials.  
But I imagine this needs some attention.  Furthermore, I'd recommend NOT 
inheriting from Default.  Default's there.  People can play with it.  I 
think we'd be better served with a complete from-scratch approach with 
everything explained along the way.  Then a separate tutorial could be 
used to demonstrate publication inheritance.  It doesn't seem it'd be 
too much work to modify the current stuff accordingly.

Joe H.

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