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From Richard Frovarp <richard.frov...@sendit.nodak.edu>
Subject Re: Search index scope
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 14:04:10 GMT
solprovider@apache.org wrote:
> On 4/3/08, Andreas Hartmann <andreas@apache.org> wrote:
>>  It looks like most people would prefer separate indexes by default. So the
>> most useful change would probably be to make the index configuration
>> optional. Did I understand this correctly?
>>  -- Andreas
> Sorry, "opt-in" may be American slang -- means default to exclude
> everything with an option to be included.  (The opposite is "opt-out"
> meaning everything is included and each must ask to be excluded.)  The
> suggestion is to specify in each Publication whether to be included in
> each multi-Publication index.
> Using the school district example:
> <publication id="school1">
>    <search index="work/search/index"/>
>    <search index="/commonindexes/town1"/>
>    <search index="/commonindexes/county1"/>
> </publication>
> The first index path is relative and Publication-specific; no
> Publication-specific search index is created if this entry is missing.
>  The other two indexes have absolute paths and may include several
> Publications.  Each Publication must be configured to be included in
> town and county indexes.  A developer may provide search screens using
> each index, or may provide a single search screen allowing users to
> choose whether to search this school, the town, or the county.
> The configuration could allow additional filtering, useful for
> multiple targeted indexes at both the single and multiple Publication
> levels:
>    <search index="work/search/sports" filter="category='sports'"/>
>    <search index="work/search/music" filter="category='music'"/>
>    <search index="/commonindexes/countysports" filter="category='sports'"/>
>    <search index="/commonindexes/countysmusic" filter="category='music'"/>
> This is just an example and is unlikely to be the exact syntax needed
> for filters. Whether a filter is applied during indexing or as part of
> the search query is a design decision.  Having an index including just
> sporting events may be useful to limit the index size (and improve
> performance) if county-wide searches are common:
>   search?index=county&query=basketball
>   search?index=countysports&query=basketball
> The latter should exclude pages that include the word "basketball"
> without being in the sports section of each town's Publication.
> solprovider

This would make sense to me. Make the indexes seperate by default, but 
allow for combining in such a way. I do have districts that will have 
several different publications for each school. This is mostly due to 
the fact that they are districts by force and not choice. I stay out of 
the politics. The population of my counties are quite small.


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