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From Thorsten Scherler <thorsten.scher...@wyona.com>
Subject Re: aggregate
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 13:10:02 GMT
El mié, 02-08-2006 a las 18:29 +0530, Bhavya Sharma escribió:
> Hi
> i want to use generator in aggretate , is it possible to use that or
> not,
> can you just take a look at following entry and reply me what is wrong
> with this.
> whenever i try to run this, it shows me src attribute is neccessery, 
> Please reply ASAP 
> Thank you
> <map:aggregate element="cmsbody">
>     <map:part
> src="cocoon://navigation/{page-envelope:publication-id}/{page-envelope:area}/breadcrumb/index.xml"/>

>     <map:part
> src="cocoon://navigation/{page-envelope:publication-id}/{page-envelope:area}/tabs/index.xml"/>
>     <map:part
> src="cocoon://navigation/{page-envelope:publication-id}/{page-envelope:area}/menu/index.xml"/>

>     <map:part
> src="cocoon://navigation/{page-envelope:publication-id}/{page-envelope:area}/search/index.xml"/>

till here it looks alright.

>     <map:part src="Search">  <!-- generator name -->
>         <map:parameter name="a" value="{a}"/> 
>         <map:parameter name="b" value="{b}"/>
>         <map:parameter name="c" value="{d}"/>
>     </map:part>

I do not remember seeing a map:part/map:parameter ever in my life. I
assume that is causing your problems.


BTW Please do not add "Please reply ASAP" to all your mails. We are all
volunteers here and we try to answer ASAP (no need to point it out). 

If you need professional (paid) support (instead response within a
certain time frame) then please contact some solution provider (like
wyona.com) that can offer you this. 

You are very welcome to use this public list, but please drop the
"Please reply ASAP". It gives the ugly impression of a demanding



> </map:aggregate> 
> -- 
> Thank you,
> Bhavya Sharma
Thorsten Scherler
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