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From Jean Pierre LeJacq <jplej...@quoininc.com>
Subject Re: Simple JSP / Lenya question
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 20:04:44 GMT
On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Jonathan Linczak wrote:

> One, you hinted that this would probably be a bad idea.  Can you
> shed some light as to why this would be a bad idea, and what (in
> as plain English as possible: me = newbie), what would be the
> ideal method of creating dynamic pages through Lenya and Cocoon.
> Just an overview only (like, "the ideal method would be XSP, and
> you can accomplish this in such-and-such a method").

This is mostly a matter of taste, so this is only my opinion.

I consider JSPs problematic in that they intertwine presentation
(HTML) and business logic (Java) together.  Careful use of Java
taglibs can ameliorate the problem but there's no restriction in the
approach from adding any type of processing.  The result is poor
maintenance and reuse characteristics.  XSP has the same issues but
it does have the significant advantage that you can at least
construct well formed XML documents.

> Secondly, you mentioned creating a sufficiently relaxed XML
> document to allow JSP code to be added.  I think I understand, but
> how exactly is this done?  Remember, on the dynamic side, I'm a
> clueless individual with Cocoon and Lenya, so I wouldn't even know
> where to begin to accomplish such as task.  Would you be able to
> elaborate?

This isn't a dynamic side issue, if by dynamic you are referring to
dynamic delivery of your web site.  Its only an issue when authoring
content within Lenya.

Generally, the Lenya tool chain will try to validate the correctness
of the documents you are authoring against the document type it is
declared to be an instance of.  So you have to make sure the
document type you are using allows the content you want to include.
Check the Lenya wiki
for instructions on how to add your own custom types.

An alternative is to disable validation in the One Form editor.  I'm
not sure how this is done.  Hopefully, someone else on the list can
fill in this detail.


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