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From Jean Pierre LeJacq <jplej...@quoininc.com>
Subject Re: Integrate JSP with Lenya pub docs?
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 16:50:54 GMT
On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Jonathan Linczak wrote:

> However, I'm still really confused on the JSP portion.  I read the
> document, but where do I get started in Lenya.  Say, for example,
> I want to add a new page that calls in some dynamic item, like the
> current date and time.  I would think to go to Lenya, create a new
> document, and then perhaps go the "One Form" area and add my XSP
> code to call my JSP code to spit out the current date and time.
> Can I really do this, or is there another method I need to be
> using?

At this point, Lenya doesn't provide an "application building"
interface (though some folks are exploring this).  Generally, what
you would do is at a source code level write an XSP (or whatever,
you're not limited to XSP), and have it included in the generated
documents as part of your pipelines.  This is easy to do but you do
need to know a bit about the lenya and cocoon internals.

You might take a look at how lenya generates the code to place the
current time on the authoring page view.  This can easily be
generalized to call a JSP.


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