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From Michel Bottin <michel.bot...@free.fr>
Subject Re: Unable to create a new document!
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:28:09 GMT
news wrote:

>Am Mon, den 14.06.2004 schrieb Michel Bottin um 15:10:
>>I am a new user of this list, then my question is perharps not a new
>>one. Sorry if it is.
>>I installed the last version of Lenya at http://adnx.org:8080/lenya/
>>When I try to create a New Document with ID=test I got:
>>The ID you've entered is already taken. Please choose another one.
>i think this means, that the name that you want do give to your new
>document is already given to an existing one. look inside
>/content/authoring/sitetree.xml to find all existing names.
I did that. But ailas the sitetree.xml contains only one node:

<node id="index">

        <label xml:lang="en">Home</label>

        <label xml:lang="fr">Accueil</label>



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