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From news <n...@gefra.biz>
Subject Re: questions about lenya
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 16:39:29 GMT
Am Fre, den 11.06.2004 schrieb Jean Pierre LeJacq um 17:25:
> On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, news wrote:
> > i try to create a publication out from the default publication .
> >
> > the frist problem i have:
> > my index page is generated in the sitemap but i can't get the lenya-menu
> > and the content on the site. i tried many ways, here is the best result
> > (no content is shown :-)
> >
> > <map:pipeline>
> >   <map:match pattern="*/index.html">
> >
> > ... snip ...
> I difficult to see what pipeline processing is occurring here.  If
> you haven't already, I suggest you increase the logging level for
> sitemap processing to DEBUG in WEB-INF/logkit.conf and track the
> processing in the file WEB-INF/logs/sitemap.log.

i put the above pipeline in inside the publication-sitemap.xmap of my
publication (matching is shown in sitemap.log). it's purpos is to
intercept requests for index.html and generate a xml-stream from
news-files inside a directory called "news" .... that works so far, so
my result looks like:

  <allnews xmns="http://somewhere/xml/news">

the question is now, how can i use the defined doctype-schemas to
transform this to the beauty lenya-menu.

> In the default publication, the pipeline that adds the lenya
> authoring menu has this matcher:
>   <map:match pattern="lenyabody-*/*/*/*/**">
yes, i saw this, but i'm uncertain where to how to get the needed
parameters with my above schema.

> > generation of leafnodes:
> > i'd like to create leafnodes for some pages on my site. so i registered
> > the DefaultLeafCreator for the approperiate doctype... a leaf is then
> > created, but the sitetree is updated in the branch-style.
> >
> > is it because i use the standard input-form and this form passes some
> > parent-node parameters?
> I don't quite follow the problem here.  What is the difference
> between a leaf and a branch?  In a leaf, do you want to prevent
> child nodes?
yes and i don't want the "somwhat/index_en.xml" structure for one area
on my publication.

>   If so, you'll have to extend the logic provide in the
> default publication.
i hoped i can achieve on modifieing the sitemap and create my one
Creators, that simply calculate a filename from date and save the files
to my "news" directory.

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