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From "Gregor J. Rothfuss" <gre...@apache.org>
Subject xhtml++ doctype
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 16:15:36 GMT
please start a new thread with a new subject when appropriate. thanks.

Rolf Kulemann wrote:

>>Here is the thread about the simple doctype:

> I have started to think about that simple doctype thingy.
> I hacked a small new doctype called xdoc. It is based on xhtml 1.0
> strict, because it forces, if being validated, to use no presentation
> stuff in markup. In the namespace xdoc I put some small additions like
> special <td> markups like <xdoc:td-head> for example.

i agree with the notion of starting with a well-known doc type. xhtml 
strict is a very good choice. i also agree with the mix-in namespaces. 
something we already do for metadata and publication-specific extensions.

> I think it is a good solution to base a standard doctype on xhtml
> strict, because it is (well) known and doesn't allow presentation stuff
> in markup. It would also make it easy to *port* existing docs based on
> the xhtml doctype.

yes. you will find me wildly agreeing with you if you go through the 

> The trick is to extend the xhtml tags by tags and attribs(?)
> encapsulating presentation stuff, which is normally expressed by
> physical tags or so.

i agree. the only caveat would be that this is the intent of the 
existing xhtml doc type in the default pub already. i'd rather look into 
that before doing a new one, but i like your notions.


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