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From Tobias Habermann <thaberm...@thabermann.net>
Subject Re: Lenya -- questions and observations
Date Mon, 26 May 2003 16:56:43 GMT
I'd append a question: When can we expect a *usable* version, that can 
be installed and set up to fit a site's needs by the average web site 
admin, in other words version 1.0? My problem with Lenya is that the 
examples look really interesting and cool, but i don't because of the 
lack of documentation i dont know where to start in customizing one.

Marc wrote:
> Hi!
> For some days I've been looking into Lenya, being intrigued by its
> building on Cocoon. I downloaded the CVS version of 2002-05-22 as well
> as all the recommended components as defined in the prerequisites
> document to establish a clean testing system separate from our normal
> Cocoon development and production environments. I compiled the
> application successfully installed it, and started up. From what I can
> gather from the sparse information available online and in the
> sources, the project has a lot of potential -- but that didn't keep me
> from running straight into a number of frustrating issues:
> What is Lenya meant to do?
>  My first issue is an extremely generic one: What is Lenya meant to achieve
>  in the first place? The site itself defines it as a "Lenya CMS is an
>  Open-Source Content Management and Publishing System written in 100%
>  pure Java. It is based on open standards such as XML and XSLT. One of
>  its core components is Cocoon from the Apache Software
>  Foundation". However, is that really so or is it more of an CMS
>  construction framework? What are its specific strengths that
>  distinguish it from the literally hundreds of competitors on the CMS
>  market?
>  As far as the presentation on Lenya's start page is concerned, the
>  implementation details are from a user's perspective far less
>  important than the functionality the tool offers -- and the second
>  paragraph which supposedly answers the functionality question, is far
>  too technical in nature to be very useful. Unfortunately, I'm not yet
>  involved enough with Lenya to suggest a replacement text.
>  I can comment on the documentation separately, if desired.
> Reference implementations?
>  Of course, I'm highly interested to hear about reference
>  implementations. Under Demo -> Apache Lenya Introduction (BTW, why is
>  this important page not linked from documentation? And its online
>  version doesn't work right now) I read about the NZZ and also about
>  Computerworld, Forum, Oscom and Unipublic. Are all of these also
>  reference implementations or just examples?
> Database support?
>  The CVS version seems to rely exclusively on filesystem based data
>  storage. It is possible to use Lenya-managed database-based storage?
>  Has anybody right now any experience with XIndice or another
>  XML-database as data storage in Lenya?
> Demo applications in the CVS version?
>  None of the demo publications works out of the box. It is necessary
>  to copy around DTDs, entity files etc. into the given directories to
>  stop Cocoon from throwing FileNotFound-Exceptions in their various
>  forms. Are there plans to move towards a catalog-based handling of
>  DTDs?
>  Some files such as xopus2-xhtml.xsl don't exist at all.
> So much for today -- sorry for writing a first mail to the Lenya list that
> seems so negative and is so long. However, it's indeed crucial what you
> write yourself in the preamble -- "we made two crucial mistakes: Bad
> Documentation and a bad installer. We hopefully do a better job this
> time."
> Best regards,
> Marc

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