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From Tobias Habermann <thaberm...@thabermann.net>
Subject Bitflux Editor error
Date Mon, 12 May 2003 11:22:11 GMT

I have a problem with the Bitflux Editor. I can edit content with it, 
but i cannot save it. When i click Save & Exit i get JavaScript message 

Something went wrong during saving:
<desc>generic: lenya/content/xopus/error.xml</desc>

When i click "Save", it reports success, but doesnt change anything. The 
strange thing is, it worked yesterday, after i tried out the binary 
nightly version. today, after _no_ changes of configuration, only 
rebooting my test workstation, the problem is there again. Its in the 
Unipublic and the Computerworld demo, and possibly in others as well.
What am i doing wrong?

I am running Tomcat/4.1.21-LE-jdk14, with the endorsed libraries of 
cocoon 2.1m1 and the lenya.war out of 
System is Debian GNU/Linux, client is Mozilla 1.3

Thanks in advance

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