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From Michael Wechner <mi...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Lenya Integration with a Portal/Extranet?
Date Sat, 03 May 2003 20:18:04 GMT
walterbarrett@mail.com wrote:

>Lenya is a fine CMS and something I would like to see my organization use. We require
a CMS to integrate with the extranet (authentication, document/file management, * management...)
and have the ability for a member of the organization to edit/create pages only she/he has
permission to manage.
yes, I think that's possible. But to really confirm, it would help if 
you could describe your existing extranet in more detail
and describe some existing use-cases.

> This is a feature Red Hat CCM offers with the portal and CMS products, though Lenya more
matches our CMS requirements.
>Is there any experience integrating Lenya with other portal/extranet servers?

In the case of the OSCOM website (http://www.oscom.org) we have an 
Apache web-server plus Midgard (PHP)  deployed
as the "front layer". Behind mod_proxy we have Lenya (plus Lucene) 
deployed, which is powering the OSCOM
CMS matrix (http://www.oscom.org/matrix/)  and Lucene is powering the 
search engine.

 From this little Frankenstein experiment you can see that Lenya is very 
flexible with regard to integration with other
systems (even if they are not written in Java).

Lenya can also easily generate data for other systems, such as for 
instance a portal solution.

Maybe you want to attend the conference OSCOM 3 at Harvard University 
where we will do a tutorial on Lenya, Midgard and Zope by building a 
newspaper like publication:




>Thanks for your help.

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