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From Richard Frovarp <rfrov...@apache.org>
Subject Popup checking
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2009 20:44:14 GMT
One of my colleagues has developed some code that could be useful to 
Lenya. She has code the prevents the user from logging in if they have 
javascript and / or popups disabled for the site. I would like to 
integrate this code into Lenya.

It is quite concievable that you could use Lenya without javascript and 
/ or popups, so I don't know if we want to disable the login form or 
not. We certainly could display an error message that would go away if 
they have javascript turned on and are not preventing popups.

Given how our link insertion code works, it is possible that someone 
could be working on changes, be faced with a popup to insert a link, get 
blocked, then have to reload the page to get the popups to work. At this 
point they've just lost all of their changes and are now quite unhappy 
with the result. If we do everything necessary at login point, this 
makes their experience much nicer.

So, what do other thinks? Disable login? Or just show a message?


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