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From Vik Tara <...@propco.co.uk>
Subject Re: Blog Module
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 10:53:36 GMT
Hi All,

Have spent a bit more time looking at roller - it's very good!!

In my view a lenya integration would have to accommodate:

1. Authentication

Roller uses acegi for security. I have read some posts on the cocoon
mailing list that suggest a method for getting acegi working with cocoon.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Essentially I am suggesting we would need to produce an additional
module that allows lenya users to authenticate using acegi.

2. Viewing / Editing / Publishing

It would make sense to add additional screens to the CMS area that allow
for these features.

I have taken a look at abdera and it looks promising. By creating a few
actions we can publish content to roller using ATOM.

Suggestions for the logic / flow of these screens would be helpful!

3. Styling

Roller uses it's own theme/template mechanism - so we would need to
think of how the module could create a template based on the users lenya

All comments appreciated!



Vik Tara wrote:
> Andreas Hartmann wrote:
>> Andreas Hartmann schrieb:
>>> Vik Tara schrieb:
>>>> I am planning to take a look at apache roller today - I have a
>>>> requirement to get a blog together for our own company website.
>>>> In order to consider integration with Lenya could everyone put their
>>>> thoughts forward on this?
>> […]
>>> Deep: Use Lenya as a facade
>>> ===========================
>>> * Access Roller as a web service (read+write)?
>> BTW, Apache Abdera (AtomPub implementation) contains a client library
>> which could be used on the Lenya side to connect to Roller (or any other
>> AtomPub-compliant blog system):
>> http://abdera.apache.org/docs/api/org/apache/abdera/protocol/client/package-frame.html
> Yeah - I came across that - I would like to head in that direction I think.
> This would be a good test of what we discussed - integrating another
> apache project rather than competing with it and also benefiting from
> association with other projects.
>> -- Andreas
>>> * Map Lenya users to Roller users? Single sign-on?
>>> * Use Lenya GUI to write entries + comments
>>> I could imagine that the first option is more efficient to get
>>> started. WDOT?
>>> -- Andreas
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