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From "Alexander S. Sizemin" <sale...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: xmldiff module
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2009 20:22:38 GMT
Hi devs,
I'm not much experienced in the field of licencing,
so I have a question regarding a third-party code usage.

What I want to figure out is if there any way to use opensource non-ASF code
witin the Lenya module devlopment?
Particularly, one of such non-ASF licences is QPL v1.0 (
I can't say there is a great need of using the particular solution, which is
under QPL,
but it's usage will give a much better outcome and will help to solve
problems more effectively,
that's why it is so desirable for me.

Thank you,

2009/6/10 Richard Frovarp <rfrovarp@apache.org>

> Alexander S. Sizemin wrote:
>> Hello devs,
>> I'm working on xmldiff module and I need some guidance:
>> 1) I want to change usecase policies for default publication to grant
>> rights for new usecases.
>> Shall I create an additonal patch against svn code or there is a way to
>> integrate this changes to my module?
>>  Create an additional patch against the svn code. I believe in the past
> we've also just included directions on how to make the change yourself for
> extra modules.
>  2) I want to use some existing code from diff module, which is neither in
>> Lenya core nor Lenya standard modules.
>> I'm going to use only it's java codebase, so the question is
>> do I need to import existing diff module though standard module config or
>> I can simply employ it's codebase in a form of packed jar file?
> I would say import the existing diff, although that will potentially create
> some odd dependencies. It's going to depend on how much of the code base you
> end up reusing. It's possible that the two modules would actually be merged
> into one when it is brought into the code base. It's going to depend on the
> functionality of each.
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