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From d..@lenya.apache.org
Subject Document changed: FAQs
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 09:26:17 GMT

Document: FAQs
URL: https://lenya.zones.apache.org/cms/docu/authoring/docu20/faq.html
Changed by user: Andreas Hartmann (andreas)

Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]
<faq> (null)
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/question
<question> (null)
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/question/text()
        When I request the web application, I get the error message "HTTP ERROR: 500 Internal
Server Error".      
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer
<answer> (null)
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/p
<p> (null)
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/p/text()
          This issue can have multiple reasons. You might try these measures:        
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/ul
<ul> (null)
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/ul/li[1]
<li> (null)
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/ul/li[1]/text()[1]
            Look at the log files in 
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/ul/li[1]/code
<code> (null)
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/ul/li[1]/code/text()
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/ul/li[1]/text()[3]
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/ul/li[2]
<li> (null)
Added: /faqs/part[1]/faq[3]/answer/ul/li[2]/text()
            Some Debian systems use the ISO-8859-15 character encoding by default, which 
          might not be supported by the JVM. Try switching to UTF-8.          


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