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From Michael Wechner <michael.wech...@wyona.com>
Subject Re: svn commit: r415977 - /lenya/trunk/src/webapp/lenya/xslt/util/introspection.xsl
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 14:11:56 GMT
Andreas Hartmann wrote:
> Michael Wechner wrote:
> [...]
>>>> -      <save 
>>>> url="{$context}/{$publication}/authoring/{$page-id}.xml?lenya.usecase=neutron&amp;lenya.step=checkin"

>>>> method="PUT"/>
>>> that looks very specific to me.
>> what do you mean by specific?
> Specific to a certain functionality which is beyond the basic
> scope of a CMS (of course this depends on the point of view,
> this is just my own perception).
don't you think introspection is  a very generic feature?

Of course there are different kinds of introspection, e.g. APP, Neutron, ...
>> I think introspection should be a core functionality,  but yes the 
>> ".xml" is rather specific
>> and I am currently testing it with the default publication, whereas I 
>> think it should work with any resource type in the future.
>>> Wouldn't it make sense to put the neutron/introspection code in a 
>>> module
>>> instead of the core?
>> as said I think introspection should be a core functionality, but the 
>> reason I put it there and also the neutron usecase is
>> because BXE and Kupu are also there, but that of course isn't a good 
>> argument ;-)
> BXE has its own module (there was an empty directory in lenya/usecases
> which I removed now).

> IMO Kupu should be moved to a module as well, but unfortunately I'm not
> familiar with the Kupu integration code and I didn't yet find the time
> to move it.
>> How can I make the neutron usecase accessible when I move it into a 
>> module?
> It works the same way as in the core. You can address all module 
> resources
> using the cocoon:// protocol and http://localhost:8888/modules/... URLs.

ok, let me try to put it into a module. I guess it won't hurt even if 
one might consider
it a core functionality.

> -- Andreas

Michael Wechner
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