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From Oliver Schalch <oliver.scha...@wyona.com>
Subject Re: Upload when enable.uploads=false (l.b.p)
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 08:58:48 GMT
Josias Thöny wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 10:31 +0200, Oliver Schalch wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> At the moment there is *no* message which gives the user a hint why a 
>> upload didnt happen. If you try uploading an image and enable.upload is 
>> false it just returns to the screen you was.
>> 2 Suggestion:
>> --- before a user will try to upload ---
>> We add a check to all place where its possible to upload files which 
>> checks the l.b.p (b.p) and add an according message there if 
>> enable.upload=false
>> or
>> --- after a user tried to upload ---
>> We just check if the upload didnt happen and inform the user about this 
>> and why it could happen.
>> I'm not sure if there is a nice way we could check the enable.upload 
>> paramater in the local.build.properties direct from the usecase. If that 
>> doesent work in a nice way, we should just check if the file was 
>> uploaded, if not add a information about the enable.upload.
> Unfortunately the usecase cannot check if the upload has worked or not. 
> The reason is that request-parameters in the body of the request are
> ignored by Cocoon for multipart/form-data requests (which are used for
> uploading files) if uploads are disabled. (Technical background see
> below [*])
> As a consequence, the continuation-id is lost and the usecase doesn't
> continue.
> First I thought we could put the continuation-id for the upload usecases
> into the URL (index.html?lenya.continuation=1234).
> But the submit parameter is lost also, so it doesn't help. The whole
> usecase-processing doesn't work :(

Mhh :(

> I guess we have to check l.b.p and display a warning on the screen where
> the user selects the file to upload.

Yes, I like that idea anyway, in 99% it will fail because of the 
enable.upload=false in lbp. I will have a look at it, how I could get 
stuff out the local.b.p inside a usecase.

> Or we enable file-upload by default.

Uploading files could be a part of a CMS, so why not. But that its more 
a workaround to get rid of the discussion above ;). And probably some 
security reason to not set uploads=true by default.


> - Josias
> [*]
> The servlet API provides the method getParameter(String name) to access
> request parameters, but this method doesn't work for in-body request
> parameters of multipart/form-data requests.
> Cocoon (and other web-application frameworks) now wrap the
> HttpServletRequest into another class (MultipartHttpServletRequest)
> which allows to access all request parameters.
> Now if uploads are disabled, this wrapping doesn't happen, therefore the
> request-parameters in the body are not accessible with the
> getParameter() method.
>> Other Ideas?
>> Greets,
>> Oli
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