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From Andreas Hartmann <andr...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [1.4] Checkout Screens
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 10:01:12 GMT
Michael Wechner wrote:
> Hi
> I have noticed that within Lenya 1.4 the checkout screens for BXE, 
> Form(s) are not really helpful, because
> they don't really tell you what's the problem, whereas the Kupu screen 
> is fine.

The check happens in AbstractUsecase.lockInvolvedObjects().
The error handling could certainly be improved by adding
an error message for each source which is checked out:

* foo_en.xml is checked out by user "john"
* sitetree.xml is checked out by user "alice"
* ...

And maybe add a link to the forceCheckIn-Usecase, passing the
source(s) as parameters.

> What I don't understand is why each editor as another screen anyway ....
> Any idea why this is the case?

The screen belongs to the usecase, each usecase can display it
as it likes. The error message is generated by AbstractUsecase.
The BXE screen lacks the cancel button, this should be easy to fix.

-- Andreas

Andreas Hartmann
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